Heart of the BeastMinion of DestructionThrone of Destruction
Soul of the BeautyHell TemptressFrozen River
ObsidianHephasto the ArmorerRiver of Flame
Gargantua SkinGargantuaArreat Plateau
AdamantineThe SmithBarracks
Infernal EyeMolten BruteCrystalline Passage
Evigfryse OreIcehawk RiftwingSewers Level 1
Fragment of ThunderShock FiendGlacial Trail
Pulsating OozeUnravelerTal Rasha's Tomb
Gheed's FortuneGriswoldTristram
Heart of AnkaraAREA DROPCathedral
Living LavaAREA DROPRiver of Flame
Core of WinterAREA DROPFrozen Tundra
Static EssenceRakanishuStony Field
Corrupted BloodSlime PrinceFlayer Jungle
Void InnoculationAREA DROPArcane Sanctuary
Touch of RimeSnapchip ShatterIcy Cellar
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