Bows Edit

File:Ama bowu tomb raider.png Tomb Raider (Stag Bow)

[Amazon Only]

Required level: 14, Required Dexterity: 45, Required Strength: 30

15% Increased Attack Speed

Damage +30

+200% Damage to Undead

90-120% Extra Gold from Monsters

50-60% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Hera's Grace (Reflex Bow)

[Amazon Only]

File:Ama bowu hera grace.png

Required level: 20, Required Dexterity, Required Strength: 35

>Exact stats unknown.<

18% Chance to gain 4 seconds of Grace on Striking

40% Increased Attack Speed

24% Faster Hit Recovery

198% Enhanced Damage

17% Increased Dexterity

Javelins Edit

Spears Edit

Gloves Edit

Aspect of the Thief (Armguards)


[Amazon Only]

Required Level: 23, Required Strength 17

>Exact Stats Unknown<

24% Chance to Cast Level 6 Confuse on Striking

10% Faster Run/Walk

+26 Defense

58% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

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