Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

Screenshot or it never happened:



  • Extremely Tanky I have almost 4k life with decent gear on
  • Great damage... Maybe not as fast as a Heavy Geared Sorc or Pally, but still very good.
  • Shockwave deals weapon damage, which means you can sustain with life leech, plus you can have procs from on striking abilities.


  • 99% physical damage.
  • Phys immunes are very annoying.
  • Not very good for leveling unless you have weapons from other characters.
  • I would suggest leveling as an elemental build then re-spec once you can use a decent 2 H


  • 20 Werebear
  • 20 Lycanthropy
  • 1 Shockwave (doesn't improve with levels)
  • 20 Bear
  • 20 Dire Wolf
  • 20 Heart of the Wolverine
  • The remaining 11 Points do as you wish.

Shockwave gets more projectiles (waves) every few levels, but the skill doesn't shotgun so more points are kind of wasted.

Things you need to know about shockwave¬

  1. You can use an ethereal base, since shockwave doesn't use up the durability of your weapon
  2. Two Handed Weapons are usually better
  3. Shockwave uses FCR
  4. Shockwave uses cast speed instead of attack speed, There is a cast speed breakpoint for werebears at 63% fcr that is comfortable.
  5. Druid (bear)

FCR Frames 0% 16 7% 15 15% 14 26% 13 40% 12 63% 11 99% 10 163% 9 (Good Luck)

Stat priority:

  • Strength: Enough for gear [Usually 160]
  • Dexterity: Enough for gear
  • Vitality: Pump it up
  • Energy: Shock wave costs 7 mana so nahhh