Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

Resurgence introduces 5 new types of rings and amulets. Each type have their own modifier which they always include. Unique and set items are exceptions however. Type-less rings and amulets can still be acquired through gambling.

Type Modifier Item Codes
Diamond +(5-10) All Attributes au5
Jade +(20-30)% Poison Resist au4
Ruby +(20-30)% Fire Resist au1
Sapphire +(20-30)% Cold Resist au2
Topaz +(20-30)% Lightning Resist au3

Type Modifier Item Codes
Bone (10-15)% Enhanced Damage rg5
Garnet 3% of Life Replenished on Kill rg3
Gold (7-12)% Magic Find rg1
Opal 3% of Mana replenished on Kill rg2
Silver (10-15)% Bonus to Attack Rating rg4