Diablo2Resurgence Wikia
**This build is heavily nerfed in the 1.7 patch, due to removal and changes to some items, it no longer plays as intended.**

General Info/Pros Cons

A Fist of Heaven's Paladin is a caster pally that takes advantage of the skill Fist of the Heaven's as their source of damage. Fist of the Heaven's causes both lightning and magic damage making it a viable skill for end-game areas. The initial lightning strike is used for single targets, it does decent damage, but is mostly useful for bosses and magic immunes. The magic bolts are your main damage dealer for packs of monsters.


  • Quite bulky end game. Very little can harm you with the right setup.
  • Very versatile, can eventually do any end-game area, some faster than others.
  • Most any other class will be happy to have you around.


  • Health and damage can be a problem earlier game/without the right gear
  • Mana consumption is pretty high, expect to buy quite a few mana pots, or find a way to invest in more mana/mana on kill
  • Magic immunes are tough to break, and even if you can, they don't take much damage from FoH's holy bolts anyway.

Strength: Enough to use gear

Dexterity: Enough for 75% block with Holy Shield, if you don't have all your gear yet, you can use less.

Vitality: The rest. Perhaps shared with energy if you need.

Energy: None/A few, depending on how much life you need.


Combat Skills:

  • Fist of the Heaven's - Maxed
  • Consecration - synergy, Maxed
  • Holy Bolt - synergy, Maxed
  • Holy Shield - 1 point at first, dump the rest when finished with everything else.

Offensive Auras:

  • Conviction - This will be your aura, put enough points into it until you stop gaining benefits, you can even do a bit less.
  • Offensive Aura Mastery - 1

Weapon - Crafted cadduceus with high +skills/fcr, Edyrem Odyssey is acceptable, it also has the benefit of max res's

Shield - Crafted paladin shield with +skills/res's

Helmet - Crafted/rare paladin helm with +skills

Armor - Endless Fog is amazing for this build. I wouldn't consider another armor. If you don't have it then something with +skills/res could be okay until then.

Gloves - Magefists for fcr, as you will want at least 75 fcr for this build. Crafted gloves for res/poi reduction are good as well. Frostburns could also help for the mana.

Boots - Steps of Desire are usually the best choice. Rare/Crafted boots also work for res, or alternatively Cow King's Boots for mf

Rings - Diamond crafted gold rings are usually the best choice for res/attrib/mf and +1 skill you can aug on them. If you have an Eon Band, that could easily replace one of them.

Belt/Ammy - Both of the lvl 90 Incursion pally uniques are the best choices for this build, as the both add so much to it. Otherwise +skills/fcr/res's for the time being.

Charms - Templar for your valor. +1 Pally combat glyph for primaries, the rest aren't as huge, but I recommend Gheed's Fortune for secondaries, and Heart of Ankara for tetiaries.

On switch gear - Dragonscale for places you need fire res. Andarial's Visage and/or Venom Ward for most notably Cave of Horrors. Also for extremely high hp bosses, like the ones in Cave of Horrors you can use a weapon with high crushing blow like Brokkr's Anvil and zeal them until you can deal with them with FoH

Jewel preference - Power jewel is very nice, though it may limit your survivability in certain places where magic is prevalent. Melancholy is okay. Illyria's Tear is very nice for adding a bit to your res's.

Merc - Act 2 -enemy mag res merc, with Stormspire, and other survivability gear