Diablo2Resurgence Wikia
Areas Abaddon/Pit of Acheron/Infernal Pit
Monster Level 92
Location Act 5, Variable
General Information

Red Portals (not to be confused with Uber Portals) are portals scattered around act 5 that contain relatively formidable enemies, however do not contain any bosses. The main draw to these locations are the fragments that the enemies have a chance of dropping. Each portal has a single unique fragment that only it can drop. If you manage to obtain all three of these fragments, you can craft them into a single piece of a powerful set.


Usually considered the easiest of the three portals, your biggest threat here are Breaker of Bones. They cast a bone nova upon hitting something, these bone novas can be especially painful if you have no magic resistance and can kill you fairly quickly if you aren't careful. Magical resistance will help here, but it's not necessary if you're careful. This portal can be found at the Fridged Highlands.

Pit of Acheron

This is initially the most dangerous portal, as upon death the imps will cast a fire nova that can easily kill you if you don't have very good fire resistance, and perhaps some fire absorb. The Avatar of Acheron's also spray a line of fire and light damage at you that does quite a bit of damage, as well as the Electric widows potentially doing huge light damage. I would recommend at least 90 fire and 80 light resistance coming in here, although with some absorb and/or a lot of life leech you may be able to get away with less. This portal can be found at Arreat Plateau.

Infernal Pit

The last and unarguably the most annoying of the portals. The Psychotic Temptress's have mind blast which although don't do much damage, will knock you back and stun you for a short time, they can also fly over the lava, potentially making this portal a chore for certain builds. The Hell Marauders cast a fireball that does quite a bit of damage when they're struck, and Volcanic Ogres cast volcanoes occasionally when they hit, so make sure you have a decent amount of fire resistance when coming in here, and perhaps some fire absorb. This portal can be found at the Frozen Tundra.