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Moar builds! I love that people are putting up build guides and keeping this subreddit alive because usually it is dead after 1 month.

I'll be adding more builds that I'm working on for as long as the ladder lasts.

I was playing around with the new Aellos Wing shield from infernal pit and wanted to make a pestilence build around it, so here it is:

How does it work? Just kite around Killing Fields in harpy mode and let the poison degen kill enemies and proc Poison Nova.

Build explanation video:


Gear Choices:

Helm - Normal 3 soc helm x3 Eye of Catoblepa, Mendeln's Malefication, Visons from The Aether, Ambe's Honor or Giant Skull

Body Armor - Cage of Torment

Gloves - Divine Crafted Poison pierce gloves with any augment

Boots - Divine crafted life rep boots with any augment

Belt - Divine crafted poison pierce belt

Rings - Dual Voidblights [clearspeed] or mirabella's Tradegy + Cains [pure damage]

Amulet - Divine crafted half freeze jade amulet augmented with poison pierce


Primary - Poison dmg

Secondary - combo of frw/poison pierce

Tertiary - x2 life gain on kill + ctc haste 

Valor - Plaguelord