Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

Last updated 3/8/18

This is a really great build for beginners or people who cant play alot of d2. It is very strong with minimal gear and with good gear it becomes OP.

It can do all endgame content - P1 Cows, Killing fields, Ubers, Cave of Horrors and should have no issue in the new zone Sanctum of Despair with proper gear.


str - enough for gear

dex - enough for gear

vit - depends on build type (max vit for slower clearspeed/survivability = less bonespears) or (max energy for 4-5 bonespears = high clearspeed)

energy - max if going high clearspeed


PnB - max Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit and 1 pt into Bone armor

Curses - max Hex and 1 pt into Decrepify for survivability purposes

Summon - put a few pts into Minion Mastery, Raise Zombie (meat shields), and Revive (more meat shields)

Subclass - Warlock

Why warlock?

Warlock gives +2 magic skills and fcr




Slot charms:

It's all personal preference for the slot charms

Primary slots - anything you want or need. You can do life, magic res or ele res.

Secondary - mf, fcr, frw or fhr.

Tertiary - life on kill, haste on skill, life regen and max ele res.



Just level with shop wands

Try to get a good normal base with + skills to bone spear and make white runeword in it. You can pretty much do all content with a white wand.

Worldstone Unity craft - this would be better than a white wand if you get very lucky


Cloak of the bloodlord, Undying Marrow, Bone runeword, Arkaine's Valor, Vilenguttre and the gloaming - bis


Tarnhelm, Lore, kira's guardian, shako, visions from the aether and +3 pnb diadem with ele res and stats.


Tri-res gloves with magic skill augment


Rare boots, dreamers gait or fleet feet


rare garnet for life on kill, rare gold ring augmented with +1 skills or cains wisdom

Amulet :

Bliss crafted Sapphire amulet with +3 PnB/fcr/str/res augmented with +2 magic skills and corrupted with +1 skills or life regen


Any rare belt with ele res augment or Divine/Worldstone Vigor crafted belt


Grendamal, Darkforce spawn or Divine/Worldstone Unity crafted Hallowed Aegis

Stat screen Unbuffed:

You can easily cap your res I'm just using some shit jewelry.

These are old damage stats but you should be able to get similar damage or more in R1.10