Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

For the updated stats on all the Nephalem's Valor charms, please look at the list of unique items for your specific class. (Select Unique Items ->Nephalem Valors)

In Resurgence we have expanded upon the idea of specialized skill trees. To that end we have unique charms which empower certain builds and playstyles. To begin the path to gaining a subclass you must kill Baal in Hell. He will drop a blank subclass charm for a class at random.

Once obtaining your class-specific base Nephalem's Valor charm, you must sacrifice one out of three of the following relevant Uniques in order to ascend to new powers.


Slayer: Carnage Heart, Deathspade, Rakkmir

Titan: Verdungo's Heart, The Doombringer, Goliath

Conqueror: Messerschmidt's Edge, The Cheiftain, Deathwail

Warlord: Goregash, Warlord's Trust, Griswold's Edge


Templar: Auyver's Gift, Lenus' Relic, Guardian Angel

Guardian: Gerke's Sanctuary, Lorell's Stone, Horazon's Whip

Justicar: The Revered, The Redeemer, Bane of Acheron

Inquisitor: Goldstrike Fletch, Last Rites, Aemyr's Order


Destructionist : Hexfire, Pompeii's Wrath, Madayr

Shaman: Twig of Yggdrasil, Blackfur, Nokozan Relic

Cerberus: Steelhorn, Doomfang, Lew's Thirst

Hierophant: Stargazer, Gromhel's Grasp, Skystrike


Arcanist: Edyrem Artifice, Glitterblade, Eger's Dowser

Mage: Blackoak, Spectral Shard, Kira's Guardian

Clairvoyant: Rune Barrier, Visceratuant, Mang Song's Lesson

Cryomancer: Witch's Harp, The Eye of Etlich, Furi-Zu Kyanon


Occultist: Mendeln's Nascency, Dark Whispers, Lidless Wall

Diabolist: Greyform, Horror Hem, Sankekur's Jaw

Warlock: Warlock's Ward, Blackhand Key, Hand of King Leoric

Plaguelord: Ichorstring, Venom Ward, Rotting Face


Matriarch: Lance of Iridia, Lycander's Aim, Valkyrie Wing

Huntress: Faunscope, The Cat's Eye, Dahane's Dowry

Ranger: War Traveler, Atma's Scarab, Crescent Moon

Shieldmaiden: Twitchthroe, Thunderstroke, Blackoak


Reaper: Bartuc's Cut-throat, Dushara's Hand, Gorefoot

Viper: The Noxious Zephyr, Venom Grip, The Jade Grove

Saboteur: Hunter's Haunches, Wisp Projector, Razortail

Shadow: Fiendslayer, Silkweave, String of Ears