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This Build is not beginner friendly because you need lots of rare items/mats from the endgame areas to make it work. You can get very high damage with the right gear and one-shot mostly everything. It is a cookie-cutter play-style though, just put Multi-Shot on left click and conviction on right, spam Multi-Shot at packs and switch to Explosive Arrow for single target.


Viruvium, 3 fire faceted Ambe's Honor/Giant Skull, 3 fire facet paladin helm with off auras, conviction and aura effect augment.

Body Armor:

Templar's Might, Molten shell, Dragon rune-word and 4 fire faceted Orek's Sarcophagus.

If using dragon some good bases are Balrog skin, Saintly Plate and hellforge plate.


Transcendence, Lady of The Hallowed, Windforce, Faith and Hand of Justice.

Best base for Hoj is Great bow with Ias corruption


crafted/rare with flat/ele/ias, The Burdens of Truth, Baranar's Fury, Deathbloom, Ijferga's Deceit, acid rain and Blood Raven's Flame


Dracul's Grasp, Touch of Malevolence, Aspect/Avatar of The Hunter and crafted/rare gloves with ele pierce or finesse augment.


Fleet Feet, Steps of Desire and sun walker

(Belt and amulet slots are the most important slot of the build because the only incursion items you can craft are amulets and belts)

Incursion mats to look out for - Proxima Crystal, Death Crystal and Exalted crystal

Please browse over this link to see what most of the incursion mats can give: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo2Resurgence/comments/75ylbr/skill_and_aura_crystals_in_detail_aka_wall_of_text/

The best belt/amulet setup would be multishot and Proxima craft with fire dmg based on stat or fire pierce based on stat or maybe Devotion inc belt with multishot amulet.


Exalted craft with multishot, Death Crystal craft with Holy Fire or Proxima craft with fire dmg/fire pierce based on str/dex/vit (You need a proxima craft like this on your amulet or belt)


Vice versa


rare/crafted rings or Cain's Stratagems with fire facets.


Subclass - Justicar or templar



Primary slots - Fire damage

Secondary slots - Ias/flat ele

Tertiary slots - your choice

Skill Tree:

Defensive Auras:

  • 1 pt Defensive Aura Mastery
  • Max Resist Fire
  • Max Salvation
  • Resist Cold - your choice
  • Resist Lightning - your choice

Offensive Auras:

  • Max Offensive Aura Mastery
  • Max Conviction
  • Crushing Blow - your choice
  • Sanctuary - your choice

Combat Skills:

Nothing here




P3 Cows:


P3 Ubers:


P3 Killing Fields:


Deathless P3 Cave of Horrors run:

Skip to 6:40 for mendeln fight


<<<< damage using hoj/dragon/3 faceted gskull/faceted cains/ blood raven quiver/proxima amulet/multishot belt

<<<< Damage can get a lot higher than this if you use 4 faceted Oreo's sarcophagus and 3 faceted pal helm with aura effect.

Thanks to Devak, Mulatto and any other peeps who helped theory craft on this build.