Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

This set of crystals follows no specific theme or pattern. Each one has its own unique effect, unrelated to any other Incursion crystal.

Aether Crystals[]

Aether crystals are used to craft items which grant you the ability to reanimate enemies into another creature on kill. The reanimation chance is dependent on, and fixed for, each individual creature.

MonsterChance to Reanimate
Hellfire Imp50%
Arcane Archer25%
Flame Spider15%
Ice Maiden10%
Primordial Trickster10%
Sol Heirophant8%
Luna Heirophant8%
Eye of Hate5%
Toxic Princess5%
Breaker of Bones5%
Poison Golem2%

Gloom Crystals[]

These crystals provide you with an item with -10% to a specific damage type, it can be for any of the following types:

  • Physical
  • Magic
  • Fire
  • Cold
  • Lightning
  • Poison

Proxima Crystals[]

Proxima Crystals offer quite a number of different abilities, each one based on a particular stat. This can be for resistances, damage, or increased damage %. At this time, few results are known. (I will update this as I receive information -Wildhorse)

  • 0.125% increased fire damage (based on Strength)
  • .03125% physical resistance (based on Energy)