Diablo2Resurgence Wikia
//mHax Configuration File

//Maphack Configuration
Missile Color[Player]:   0x97
Missile Color[Neutral]:  0x0A
Missile Color[Partied]:  0x84
Missile Color[Hostile]:  0x5B

Monster Color[Normal]:   0x5B
Monster Color[Minion]:   0x60
Monster Color[Champion]: 0x91
Monster Color[Boss]:     0x84

//Dangerous Monsters
//Gloams & Dolls
Monster Color[118]:      0x9B
Monster Color[119]:      0x9B
Monster Color[120]:      0x9B
Monster Color[121]:      0x9B
Monster Color[212]:      0x9B
Monster Color[213]:      0x9B
Monster Color[214]:      0x9B
Monster Color[215]:      0x9B
Monster Color[216]:      0x9B
Monster Color[639]:      0x9B
Monster Color[640]:      0x9B
Monster Color[641]:      0x9B
Monster Color[690]:      0x9B
Monster Color[691]:      0x9B
Monster Color[733]:      0x9B

Reveal Map:             True, None
Show Monsters:          True, None
Show Missiles:          False, None
Show Chests:			True, VK_K
Force Light Radius:     True, None
Remove Weather:         True, None
Infravision:            True, None
Display Level Names:    True, None
Remove Shake:           True, None
RevealMode:             1

//Skill Warnings: set true to warn when effect expires from the player
//The skill numbers can be found here:
 Skill Warning[16]:      True            // enchant
 Skill Warning[32]:      True            // battle orders
 Skill Warning[101]:     True            // holy shield
 Skill Warning[149]:     False           // oak sage
 Skill Warning[151]:     True           // cyclone armor
 //Screen Info Configuration
 AutomapInfo[0]:         Game Name: %GAMENAME%
 AutomapInfo[1]:         Game Password: %GAMEPASS%
 AutomapInfo[2]:         %LEVEL%
 AutomapInfo[3]:         Difficulty: %GAMEDIFF%
 AutomapInfo[4]:         Ip: %GAMEIP%
 AutomapInfo[5]:         %GAMETIME%
 AutomapInfo[6]:         %REALTIME%
 // Experience Display
 Experience Meter:		True, VK_NUMPAD7
 // Controls how many frames to recycle the minimap doodads for
 Minimap Max Ghost: 20
 //Quest Drop Warning for Mephisto/Diablo/Baal quests
 Quest Drop Warning:     False
 //Gamefilter Configuration
 GameListRefresh:        1500
 //Bnet Configuration
 Show Last Game:         True
 Fail To Join:           4000
 //Character Configuration
 Character Stats         VK_8
 //Item Configuration
 Show Ethereal:          True, None
 Show Sockets:           True, None
 Show iLvl:              True, None
 Show Rune Numbers:      True, None
 Alt Item Style:         True, None
 Color Mod:              False, None
 Shorten Item Names:     False, None
 Show Players Gear:      VK_0
 //AutoTele Configuration
 Display Messages:       True, None
 Draw Path:              True, None
 Draw Destination:       True, None
 CP to cave:             False, None
 Fast Teleport:          False, None
 Next Tele:              VK_NUMPAD0
 Other Tele:             VK_NUMPAD1
 Waypoint Tele:          VK_NUMPAD2
 Prev Tele:              VK_NUMPAD3
 Path Color:             97
 Next Color:             0x97
 Other Color:            0x0A
 WP Color:               0x84
 Prev Color:             0x5B
 //Party Configuration
 Party Enabled:          True, VK_9
 Looting Enabled:        True, VK_7
 //Using Potions in Inventory
 Use Healing Potion:     False, VK_V
 Use Mana Potion:        False, VK_G
 //Spam Filter Configuration
 Log Chat:               False, None
 Log Blocks:             False, None
 Enabled:                False, None
 Autosave:               False, None
 Log File:               chatlog.txt
 Update URL:
 Token DB:               tokens.db
 //Slippitty's Config v2.3 for BH v0.1.5
 // Fog's Custom Config (Revision 4.0) for BH v0.1.4
 //Shoutout to underbent for updates of BH and a great wiki
 //Item Display Configuration
 Advanced Item Display:  True, None
 //Ignore 'junk' (Miscellaneous potions, etc.), potion, scroll renaming & gold piles below 2500.
 ItemDisplay[tsc]: %GREEN%+ %WHITE%TP
 ItemDisplay[isc]: %GREEN%+ %WHITE%ID
 ItemDisplay[hp1]: %RED%+ %WHITE%H1
 ItemDisplay[hp2]: %RED%+ %WHITE%H2
 ItemDisplay[hp3]: %RED%+ %WHITE%H3
 ItemDisplay[hp4]: %RED%+ %WHITE%H4
 ItemDisplay[hp5]: %RED%+ %WHITE%H5
 ItemDisplay[mp1]: %BLUE%+ %WHITE%M1
 ItemDisplay[mp2]: %BLUE%+ %WHITE%M2
 ItemDisplay[mp3]: %BLUE%+ %WHITE%M3
 ItemDisplay[mp4]: %BLUE%+ %WHITE%M4
 ItemDisplay[mp5]: %BLUE%+ %WHITE%M5
 ItemDisplay[rvs]: %PURPLE%+ %WHITE%R.SMALL
 ItemDisplay[rvl]: %PURPLE%+ %WHITE%R.FULL
 //Ignore ALMOST ALL inferior, white and magic Normal and Exceptional items
 //Flail, Crystal Sword, Broad Sword, Mage Plate, Barb Hats
 //Magical Wands, Staves, Scepters and Orbs (nice vendor trash)
 //ItemDisplay[INF !leg]:
 //ItemDisplay[NORM NMAG !RW !bsd !crs !fla !wsp !leg !WP11 !CL2]:
 //ItemDisplay[NORM MAG !ID !WP11 !WP12 !WP13 !CL6 !CL2 !EQ7]:
 //ItemDisplay[EXC NMAG !RW !9lw !9tw !xtp !9ws !CL2]:
 //ItemDisplay[EXC MAG !ID !9cs !9lw !9tw !9qr !WP11 !WP12 !WP13 !CL6 !CL2 !EQ7]:
 //ItemDisplay[ELT NMAG (WP4 OR WP5 OR WP6 OR WP10 OR EQ4 OR EQ5 OR EQ6)]:
 //ItemDisplay[ELT MAG !ID (WP4 OR WP5 OR WP6 OR WP10 OR EQ1 OR EQ5 OR EQ6)]:
 // GEMS
 // Indicators: Colour coded (eg. Purple for Amethysts)
 ItemDisplay[GEMTYPE=2]: o %GEMLEVEL%
 //El -> Fal: Grey Indicator, Orange text, no map icon
 //Lem -> Gul: Red Indicator, Orange text, red map icon
 //Vex -> Zod: Purple Indicator, Orange text, purple map icon
 ItemDisplay[RUNE<20]: %GRAY%0%MAP% %ORANGE%*   %RUNENAME% Rune   *(%RUNENUM%)
 ItemDisplay[RUNE>25]: %PURPLE%0%MAP% %ORANGE%*   %RUNENAME% Rune   *(%RUNENUM%)
 ItemDisplay[RUNE>19]: %RED%0%MAP% %ORANGE%*   %RUNENAME% Rune   *(%RUNENUM%)
 //Add Indicators
 //Indicators: Grey (Normal), Red (Exceptional), Purple (Elite)
 ItemDisplay[UNI (rin OR amu OR jew)]: %PURPLE%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI amu]: %PURPLE%0 %GREEN%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 //Set Items
 ItemDisplay[SET rin]: %GRAY%0 %GREEN%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[SET amu]: %PURPLE%0 %GREEN%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 //Minimap Socketables
 //Item Codes can be found here:
 ItemDisplay[RW]: %NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Ebug Bases >650 Defense
 //Elite Eth Infinity/Insight Bases
 ItemDisplay[WP8 ELT !7vo !7o7 ETH NMAG !SUP SOCK=0]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[WP8 ELT !7vo !7o7 ETH SOCK=4]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //+3 BO Barb Hats
 ItemDisplay[CL2 ILVL>25 !ETH NMAG !SOCK=1 !SOCK=2 SK149>2]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Paladin Shields >39@ non-eth, >29@ Eth
 //Superior Enigma & COH Bases
 ItemDisplay[xtp !ETH NMAG ED>14 !SOCK=1 !SOCK=2]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[uui !ETH NMAG (ED>9 SOCK=3 OR ED>14 !SOCK=1 !SOCK=2)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[utp !ETH NMAG (ED>9 SOCK=3 OR ED>14 !SOCK=1 !SOCK=2)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //15ed Monarchs
 ItemDisplay[uit !ETH NMAG ED>14 !SOCK=1 !SOCK=2 !SOCK=3]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Chaos Bases
 ItemDisplay[!ETH NMAG (9tw OR 7tw) (SK273>0 AND SK271>2) (SOCK=0 OR SOCK=3)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[!ETH NMAG (9tw OR 7tw OR 9lw OR 7lw) (SK267>0 AND SK278>2) (SOCK=0 OR SOCK=3)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[!ETH NMAG (9tw OR 7tw OR 9lw OR 7lw) (SK263>0 AND SK278>2) (SOCK=0 OR SOCK=3)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Faith Bases
 ItemDisplay[(amc OR amb) SOCK=4 NMAG TABSK0>2]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[(6cb OR 6hb) NMAG ED>14 (SOCK=0 OR SOCK=4)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Berserker Axe/Colossus Blade BotD Bases 10+ ED
 ItemDisplay[(7wa OR 7gd) ETH NMAG ED>9 (SOCK=0 OR SOCK=6)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Beserker Axe/Colossus Sword Death Bases 10+ ED
 ItemDisplay[(7wa OR 7fb) ETH NMAG ED>9 SOCK=5]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //FOH Sticks
 ItemDisplay[NMAG (wsp OR 9ws OR 7ws) (SK121>2 AND SK123>2) (SOCK=0 OR SOCK=5)]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Magic Items
 ItemDisplay[uit !ETH MAG !ID]: %RED%0 %BLUE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Assassin Claws
 ItemDisplay[(9lw OR 9tw OR 7tw OR 7lw) !ETH MAG !ID]: %RED%0 %BLUE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Gosu Magic Items
 ItemDisplay[CL4 (TABSK34>2 AND SK149>2)]: %ORANGE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[CL5 (TABSK48>2 AND SK271>2)]: %ORANGE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[CL5 (CLSK6>1 AND SK271>1)]: %PURPLE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[CL5 (TABSK48>1 AND SK271>1)]: %PURPLE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[CL0 (TABSK2>2 AND SK35>2)]: %PURPLE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Rings, Amulets, Jewels, & Circlets
 ItemDisplay[RARE (rin OR amu OR jew OR ci0 OR ci1 OR ci2 OR ci3)]: %RED%0 %YELLOW%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Gloves & Boots
 //ETH Berserker Axe, Colossus Sword, Colossus Blade & Crystal Sword Variants
 ItemDisplay[RARE ETH !ID (wax OR 9wa OR 7wa OR crs OR 9cr OR flb OR 9fb OR 7fb OR gsd OR 9gd OR 7gd OR CL5)]: %RED%0 %YELLOW%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Assassin Claws
 ItemDisplay[(9lw OR 9tw OR 7tw OR 7lw) !ETH RARE !ID]: %RED%0 %YELLOW%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Display sets and uniques on the map with indicators
 //Unique Hats
 ItemDisplay[UNI (ci3 OR urn)]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%GOLD%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (xh9 OR uap OR uhm OR usk OR uh9 OR dra OR baa)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 //Body Armor
 ItemDisplay[UNI uar]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (xea OR uui OR upl)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI ETH (xrs OR xpl)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (uit OR pa9 OR nea)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (uvg OR uhg)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (xvb OR xtb OR xhb OR uvb OR umb OR uhb)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI ulc]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI umc]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI ETH (7wa OR 7pa)]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (7gw OR obf)]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI ETH (72a OR 7s8)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (7fl OR 6lw OR 7ws OR 9tw OR oba OR obc OR ama OR amf)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 //Misc Uniques
 ItemDisplay[UNI (cm1 OR cm2 OR cm3)]: %GOLD%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 //Set Equips
 ItemDisplay[SET (urn OR paf OR 7ws OR uar OR uth OR ci3)]: %NAME%%GREEN%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Uber Keys on the Map
 ItemDisplay[(pk1 OR pk2 OR pk3)]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 //Display charms and jewels on the map, and ilvl
 ItemDisplay[(cm1 OR cm3 OR jew)]: %BLUE%%NAME% %MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[cm2]: %BLUE%%NAME% [L%ILVL%]%CONTINUE%
 // ---
 // Slash Events Stuff
 //Saintly Items
 ItemDisplay[(aca OR ach OR acs) !ETH]: %RED%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //shards and crystals
 ItemDisplay[(cf1 OR cf2 OR cf4 OR cf5 OR cf6)]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[(cx1 OR cx2 OR cx3 OR cx4)]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[(bf2 OR bf3 )]: %ORANGE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[bf4]: %PURPLE%0 %PURPLE%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[cz1 OR cz2 OR cz3 OR cz4 OR cz5 OR cz6 OR cz7 OR cz8]: %RED%%MAP%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 // Order Sorc stones, Barb Axe, Pala Helm, Ass Boots, Zon Gloves, necro ARmor, Druid Clubs, Special armors
 ItemDisplay[UNI (sf1 OR sf2 OR sf3 OR sf4)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (bw1 OR bw2 OR bw3 OR bw4 OR bw5 OR bw6)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (pc1 OR pc2 OR pc3 OR pc4 OR pc5 OR pc6)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (ab1 OR ab2 OR ab3 OR ab4 OR ab5 OR ab6)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (ag1 OR ag2 OR ag3 OR ag4 OR ag5 OR ag6)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (na1 OR na2 OR na3 OR na4 OR na5 OR na6)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[UNI (aca OR ach OR acs)]: %GRAY%0 %GOLD%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 // New crafting materals, Will have Purple map
 ItemDisplay[(cf1 OR cf2 OR cf3 OR cf4 OR cf5 OR cf6)]: %ORANGE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //CHARM COMPONENTS - 3 tiers (primary, secondary, tertiary) each with normal, magic, rare, unique items
 //Normal primary components
 ItemDisplay[(zaa OR zae OR zai OR zak OR zam OR zao OR zba OR zbe)]: %TAN%# %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Normal secondary components
 ItemDisplay[(zbj OR zbm OR zbp OR zbs OR zbv OR zby OR zbz OR zcg OR zcj OR zcl)]: %BLUE%# %WHITE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Magic primary components
 ItemDisplay[(zab OR zaf OR zaq OR zas OR zau OR zaw OR zay OR zbb OR zbf)]: %TAN%# %BLUE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Magic secondary components
 ItemDisplay[(zbk OR zbn OR zbq OR zbt OR zca OR zcc OR zcd OR zce OR zcf OR zch OR zcm)]: %BLUE%# %NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Magic tertiary components
 ItemDisplay[(zco OR zcq OR zcs OR zcv OR zcw OR zcx OR zdb OR zdc OR zde OR zdf OR zdk OR zdm OR zdn OR zdo OR zdq OR zdr)]: %GRAY%# %BLUE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Rare primary components
 ItemDisplay[(zac OR zag OR zaj OR zal OR zan OR zap OR zat OR zav OR zax OR zaz OR zbc OR zbg OR zbi)]: %TAN%# %YELLOW%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Rare secondary components
 ItemDisplay[(zbw OR zbx OR zcb OR zck OR zcn)]: %BLUE%# %YELLOW%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Rare tertiary components
 ItemDisplay[(zcp OR zcr OR zct OR zcu OR zcy OR zdd OR zdl)]: %GRAY%# %YELLOW%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Unique primary components
 ItemDisplay[(zad OR zah OR zar OR zbd OR zbh)]: %TAN%# %ORANGE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Unique secondary components
 ItemDisplay[(zbl OR zbo OR zbr OR zbu OR zci)]: %BLUE%# %ORANGE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Unique tertiary components
 ItemDisplay[(zcz OR zda OR zdg OR zdh OR zdi OR zdj OR zdp)]: %GRAY%# %ORANGE%%NAME%%MAP%%CONTINUE%
 //Wirt's leg
 ItemDisplay[leg]: %ORANGE%0 %WHITE%%NAME%%CONTINUE%
 // ---
 //Add ethereality, sockets, ilvl to the name
 ItemDisplay[ETH]: %NAME% (Eth)%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[SOCK>0]: %NAME% (%SOCKETS%)%CONTINUE%
 ItemDisplay[]: %NAME% [L%ILVL%]%CONTINUE%
 // Stash Export
 // Mustache Templates
 Mustache Default:	stash
 Mustache[stats]: {{#defense}}\n\n    >{{defense}} defense{{/defense}}{{#stats}}\n\n    > {{value}}{{#range}} ({{min}}-{{max}}){{/range}} {{^skill}}{{name}}{{/skill}}{{skill}}{{/stats}}
 Mustache[header-unique]: {{#quality=Unique}}**{{^name}}{{type}}{{/name}}{{name}}** (L{{iLevel}}){{#sockets}}[{{sockets}}]{{/sockets}}{{/quality}}
 Mustache[header-magic]: {{#quality$Magic|Rare}}**{{^name}}{{type}}{{/name}}{{name}}** (L{{iLevel}}){{#sockets}}[{{sockets}}]{{/sockets}}{{/quality}}
 Mustache[header-else]: {{#quality^Unique|Magic|Rare}}{{^isRuneword}}{{^name}}{{type}}{{/name}}{{name}}{{/isRuneword}}{{#isRuneword}}**{{runeword}}** {{type}}{{/isRuneword}} (L{{iLevel}}){{#sockets}}[{{sockets}}]{{/sockets}}{{/quality}}
 Mustache[header]: {{#isEthereal}}Eth {{/isEthereal}}{{>header-unique}}{{>header-magic}}{{>header-else}}{{#count}} **x{{count}}**{{/count}}
 Mustache[item]: {{>header}}{{>stats}}{{^isRuneword}}{{#socketed}}\n\n  * {{>>item}}{{/socketed}}{{/isRuneword}}\n
 Mustache[stash]: {{#this}}* {{>item}}\n\n{{/this}}