Diablo2Resurgence Wikia
Area Killing Fields
Monster Level 92
Location black marsh side area (previous) Hole Level 2
General Information

Killing fields is a really dangerous but at the same time rewarding area due to its mob density and the high level of monsters found within. It is inhabited by scorched temptress, ice maidens, dark heralds, gore doctors, bloodthirsty djinn and ravagers. As of patch 1.5 there are 5 demi-bosses which drop exclusive Augmentations


The demi-boss locations are always static and unchanging i usually use a specific route to avoid getting disoriented.

1st of all i head straight south from entrance until i encounter the shaman camp area, around the middle is the boss kotlest

2nd i head straight west from kotlest spawn untill i find the graveyard area around the middle is dread crow

3rd i depart from around the middle of the northern part of the graveyard and continue untill i find a rocky swamp area then i go parralel to a treeline around the general direction im heading until its end and i turn right there you should find barghest

4th i go far west untill i can see the wall then i head north untill i can see the tower there resides baroness

5th the last boss is the anciant oak; from the baroness tower there is a path that goes east follow that path untill the treeline starts to subside a bit further resides the the anciant one

as a last note the road continues on from the ancient one to the starting point of killing fields so you can also follow that path to him

and also barghest is approximately spawned straight south from the ancient ones spawn