Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

General Changes[]

Resurgence has added tweaked many items including changing weapon base damages, bonuses of Gems and Runes, and the properties/bonuses of sets and uniques. As of R 1.0, magic and rare affixes and suffixes have been completely revamped to make rares more viable alternatives for end-game items as well as to increase general item effectiveness due to a smaller player base (i.e. less opportunities for trade).

There are also a variety of new items. Most noticeably will be each class now has a second class specific piece of equipment. These new weapons and armors, as well as almost all existing base items also have unique versions. A handful of new sets has also been added.

Additionally Resurgence introduces a new crafting system with related crafting items.

Misc. Changes

  • Added the following new item properties: Life Gained on Hit, Mana Gained on Hit

Drop changes

  • The NoDrop chance has been reduced globally by 40%
  • All characters have a base MF of 150% once leveled to 25

Vendor changes

  • Maximum sell price has been increased to 50,000 globally

Quality of life changes:

  • All rune upgrade recipes now only require two of the lower rune.
  • The stash size has been increased.