Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

The following base types have new automods that can spawn ('automods' are additional item properties that spawn on Normal, Magic, Rare and Crafted rarities of the base type).

Note that only Basic tier weapons are listed here for simplicity, the automods also apply to the relevant Exceptional and Elite tier bases. Body Armor automods only apply to Elite tier bases, with the exception of armor types that are new to Resurgence.


Base Automod
Bone Wand Adds X-Y Magic Damage
War Scepter -% Enemy Magic Resistance
Stiletto % Faster Cast Rate
Clasped Orb Adds X-Y Elemental Damage
Short Staff % Chance of Crushing Blow
Long Staff + Defense
Battle Staff -% Enemy Physical Resistance

Elite Body Armor:

Base Automod
Dusk Shroud Magic Damage Taken Reduced By (10-15)
Wyrmhide (10-14)% Faster Hit Recovery
Scarab Husk +2% Maximum Poison Resistance
Wire Fleece (5-8)% Faster Run/Walk
Diamond Mail +2% Maximum Lightning Resistance
Loricated Mail +(200-400) to Attack Rating
Great Hauberk +(30-40) to Life
Boneweave Physical Damage Taken Reduced By (15-20)
Balrog Skin +2% Maximum Fire Resistance
Archon Plate (20-25)% Increased Mana Regeneration
Kraken Shell +2% Maximum Cold Resistance
Hellforge Plate Adds 200-400 Fire Damage
Lacquered Plate +(400-500) Defense vs. missiles
Shadow Plate (5-10)% Faster Block Rate
Sacred Armor (3-4)% Physical Resistance
Saintly Plate (6-8)% Magic Resistance
Barbed Carapace Attacker takes damage of 2000
Exoskeleton (5 -?)% Physical Resistance
Macabre Wrappings (13-15)% Faster Run/Walk

To be added:

  • Paladin shield automods (ED, % Elemental Resistances)
  • Necromancer shield automods
  • Spiked Shield automods (Thorns)