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Incursion items(referred to as such due to their introduction during the patch 1.4 Incursion event), are a collection of class specific belts and amulets as well as the Incursion Crystals that are used with them inside of the Horadric Cube. These are found only within the Cave of Horrors now.

The belts and amulets will always drop as magic or higher quality. Belts each have two separate auto-mods which they can spawn with, all of which are class specific; amulets have one.

Base Items[]

ClassBeltAutomagic 1Automagic 2AmuletAutomagic
AmazonValkyrie Band+(7-10)% Physical Resistance+(20-25) to VitalityMatriarch Emblem15% Increased Maximum Life
AssassinShadow Sash(30-35)% Faster Hit Recovery(15-18)% Increased Attack SpeedOnyx AmuletAdds 100-150 Damage
BarbarianTitan Girdle(12-15)% Increased Warcry Effect+(16-20) Physical Damage ReductionSteel Necklace-10% Enemy Physical Resistance
DruidDragonscale Belt(6-8)% Fire Absorb-(5-7)% Enemy Elemental ResistancesDream TalismanCannot Be Frozen
NecromancerGore Bindings(12-15)% Increased Curse Effect(20-25)% Increased Minion DamageSoul Stone10% Chance to cast level 20 Bone Nova on Kill
PaladinTemplar Braid(12-15)% Increased Aura Effect+(5-8)% Magic ResistanceZakarum Pendant+30 Magic and Elemental Damage Reduction
SorceressVizjerei Chain-(10-12)% Reduced Skill Cooldown(15-18)% Faster Cast RateGlittering Braid+3% Maximum Elemental Resistances

Incursion Uniques[]

Each belt and amulet for each class has two unique items. These are commonly referred to as the lvl 80 or lvl 90 of each type due to the level requirement of each item. The level 90 of each type is typically extremely powerful, however, when a unique incursion item is created, there is only a 1/25 chance that it is a level 90.

ClassUnique Belt (Common)Unique Belt (Rare)Unique Amulet (Common)Unique Amulet (Rare)
AmazonChastity of EsyleneUnity in GoldMirabella's CradleHera's Legacy
AssassinThe Eternal NightYazats Di-ahsaThe White DreamOdiscopeles
BarbarianTenacityChains of VashImmortal King's MightFist of the First Ones
DruidWyrm's MoltThe Drake's AscendanceEyes of the Great DryadAurora Sanctalis
NecromancerLohgok's HeartObliterationWandering SpiritsLegions of Oblivion
PaladinLash of the Blazing SunDevotionSunderheartPath of Divinity
SorceressSamade's CurseThe Meridian of ManaHalcyonAxiom