Diablo2Resurgence Wikia
  • Missile weapon quantity is no longer decreased when skills other than the basic Attack (the only exception is Strafe which cannot be fixed to not consume missiles upon use).
  • You are no longer required to be within 90 yards to receive party experience, anywhere within that zone is sufficient to receive party experience.
  • Running no longer reduces your Defense.
  • Running no longer reduces your chance to Block.
  • Base mana regeneration for all classes has been increased from 0.83% per second to 2.22% per second.
  • Health and Mana gained upon levelling up has been slightly adjusted for all classes.

Set items[]

  • All end game class-specific sets have been revamped.
  • Ten new sets have been created.

Unique items[]

  • Starting with patch r1.7 unique items have been completely revamped. Now, normal and exceptional uniques can be upgraded with lesser and greater Diviner orbs to higher tiers for higher stats and more affixes. See the Armory for a list of uniques.

Gems and runes[]

  • The majority of gems and runes have had their socketed properties modified.

Monster Changes

  • Monster immunities in the majority of the game have been removed. Note that rare monsters that spawn as Fire/Cold/Lightning Enchanted can become immune to that element.
  • New monsters have been introduced in Act 5 on Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels.
  • The progression for monster levels in areas has been increased starting from Act 5 Nightmare.
  • Abbadon, Infernal Pit, and Pit of Acheron in Act 5 have had their monster levels increased significantly.
  • A new end-game area has been introduced called the Killing Fields. It can be accessed by going to Act 1 Hole Level 2.
  • A new end-game area has been introduced called the Cave of Horrors. It can be accessed by going to Act 1 Underground Passage Level 2