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After years of being beaten into submission by auradins, lowly IK barbs, ground slam amazons, and shapeshifters, the minions of Hell are regrouping, evolving, and expanding the reach of their most fearsome demons into the three red portals used to obtain the organs necessary for a visit to Uber Tristram. This means, however, that Abbadon, Pit of Acheron, and Infernal Pit all feature new content as well. Read on for the new monster listings and quick tips for hardcore players looking to avoid offering up their corpse on patch day…[]

quick note – the “focus” listed for portal are the primary types of damage your character will take, so plan on having some form of +max resistance or elemental absorb for that damage type before heading in.

Uber Portals

Pandemonium Event (Ubers) Red Portals (For more detailed breakdown of each zone, check out the Uber Portals page)

Furnace of Pain – Fire/Cold damage focus. I would strongly recommend not teleporting into a pack of lupus infernus… ;)

  • Moon Priest
  • Sun Priest
  • Lupus Infernus

Forgotten Sands – Lightning/Physical damage focus. Scarabs are the same as the ones previously present in Infernal Pit, so expect lots of lightning in various forms going around.

  • Voltaic Scarab
  • Stone Serpent
  • Swarm of Shadows
  • Corrupt Matriarch

Matron's Den – Poison/Cold damage focus. Prioritizing targets and the abundance of walls are your only hope againstmassive poison and cold damage.

  • Toxic Princess
  • Coldhands
  • Undying
Act 5 Portals

Act 5 Red Portals (For more detailed breakdown of each zone, check out the Red Portals page)

Abbadon – Magic/Physical damage focus. Breaker of Bones remain the same as before with CTC Bone Nova on striking, so keeping your distance is strongly recommended!

  • Breaker of Bones
  • Void Knight
  • Vile Cannibal

Pit of Acheron – Fire/Lightning damage focus. Hellfire Imps have CTC Infernal Nova on death as usual, but it’s now a bit more dangerous to try and ignore these while clearing the rest of the portal.

  • Hellfire Imp
  • Avatar of Acheron
  • Electric Widow

Infernal Pit – Fire/Physical damage focus. Probably the most stunning of any 92 area…

  • Volcanic Ogre
  • Hell Marauder
  • Psychotic Temptress

The Secret Cow Level monsters will remain the same for R1.1 as well as the Killing Fields, although we will be removing Spawn of Batra and fixing the bugged CTC Fist of the Heavens proc on Dark Heralds in the latter.