Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

I thought I would share my build for the season as it wasn't CTC and turned out to be pretty good. This ladder I played a summoning druid much in the way you play a minion necromancer.

To keep it short the build is +skills focused. Reasonable endgame is about +30 with mid-tear gear not too far behind. The build is purely physical.

You can run all bosses and do at least Infernal Pit red portal. Uber portals are also very do-able. Uber Duriel is the hardest because of the physical immune mobs who take all pet aggro.

Some numbers for level 50 summons

Wolves 2900 life 4486-6997 damage

Dires 4004 life 7316-11447 damage

Bears 12285 life 15815-22349 damage

Spirit of Wolverine +540% enhanced damage.

Act 1 Merc for Attack rate and Deadly strike aura. Faith + Shah's for added benefit.


Ursus Mall (UM) lets you summon a total of 3 bears. Massive DPS boost.

Arkaine's Valor (UM) 3skills

Silence + Sun of Esu +5 skills. Root of Yggdrasil also works for this.

Stargazer + Ancient Pledge. Teleport

Arach and two skill rings.

Boots and gloves I used for resistances before going Silence. Fleet feet are a great choice as summons walk slow as shit. Summoning dreamers are ok too.

Gloves are open. There is no true best in slot. FCR or MF would be my choice.

Skiller charms and Shamen Subclass(all 3 spirits)

Skills are simple enough

20 wolf, 20 dire, 20 bear, 20 Spirit of wolverine.

1pt carrion vine, 1pt Werewolf, 1pt lycanthropy, 1pt Werebear, 1pt Shockwave

Rest of points to oak sage.

I wanted to thank all the hardcore players who helped me build this. I accomplished so much I could not have with out you all.

Please give this build a try. Here is a copy I made in single player. It did a baal run in just under 5 minutes in player 8 with a very short WSK. Sorry for the name I am unaware how to change it in udietoo.