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Based on YT video created by VenoPlex:[]



Consecration is a paladin skill that is similar to the sorceress' Blizzard skill. It deals both magical and physical damage, which makes it unique. Recommended Paladin valors are Justicar, Templar, or Guardian.


Strength: Enough to equip gear

Dexterity: Enough to equip gear

Vitality: Rest of points

Energy: None


Combat Skills:[]

  • Consecration: 20
  • Blessed Hammer: 20 -synergy with Consecration
  • Holy Shield: 20

Defensive Auras:[]

  • Redemption: Enough points to reach 100% chance to redeem soul (%chance obtainable through points in Redemption and/or Defensive Aura Mastery)

-Since Consecration does not utilize any offensive auras, Redemption is the preferred aura for this build

  • Defiance: Rest of points are put in here for the passive physical resistance and bonus to Holy Shield when it is active


This build is heavily dependent upon cool-down reduction, so for our Ammy: Chronomalus, and Shield: Visceratuant

Amulet: Chronomalus[]

Shield: Visceratuant[]

Note: If you can obtain Warped Timepiece for Amulet, you can remove Visceratuant for another shield, such as Stormshield

Helmet: Harlequin Crest Shako (flexible, any other decent head piece will do)[]

Main-Hand Weapon: WizardSpike (good caster weapon, mainly used for high resistances)[]

Belt: Arachnid Mesh (BIS for this build because of the +1 All Skills, and Cast Speed, makes for excellent damage)[]

Body Armor: Endless Fog (Well rounded armor; however, Gloaming is probably better for -35% MagRes to enemies)[]

Ring 1: Stone of Jordan (SOJ is ok ring for the +1 skills, and bonus to mana)[]

Ring 2: Crafted (Ghaa's Ward would be better for its resistances, if obtained)[]

Boots: Crafted (mostly resists)[]

Gloves: Crafted (Mage fist can be used until you craft better gloves)[]

Please check the video for more info on game-play and visuals!

VenoPlex added an updated video with more BIS items: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YaHN8-YYTE