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Charm Drops and Inventory Management

Charms no longer drop from monsters as magic items with random properties. Instead, Charm bases now drop from the following specific Super Unique monsters in the following difficulties. These bases are treated as unique items and cannot be held more than once in the same character inventory. Annihilus Charm and Hellfire Torch still drop as they do in vanilla Diablo 2.

Monster Location Drops Charm?
Normal Nightmare Hell
Fire Eye Act 2 right before portal to Arcane Sanctuary No Yes Yes
Bremm Sparkfist Durance of Hate Level 3 No Yes Yes
Eldritch Frigid Highlands No Yes Yes

Charm Properties

Charms drop with certain "property slots" open, which can then be filled in through the use of Charm Components. Charm Components (apart from unique ones which are monster drops), can be purchased from Drognan in Nightmare and Hell (higher tier components are sold in Hell only). Charm components cannot be over written, if one wishes to change the properties on a charm one either has to stash the current Charm and obtain an new one by killing the relevant Super Unique or by resetting the Charm properties by transmuting the charm together with a Shaman's Stone (bought from Halbu in Hell).

For a full list of Charms and Charm Components, see the armory.

For a full list of Unique Charm Component Locations, see this table.