Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

Step 1:

  • Make sure to update to the latest patch for Diablo 2 Resurgence.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Unzip the UdieToo Folder ( The entire folder ) and place it inside of your Diablo Folder.
  • Open your diablo folder -> open UdieToo Folder.
  • Find UdieToo application -> right click -> create shortcut.
  • Find UdieToo - Shortcut -> right click -> Properties
  • Click Advanced -> Check "Run as administrator" -> Click OK
  • Make sure that your "Start in:" directory is your Diablo Folder by taking off "\UdieToo" at the end.
  • It should be: Desktop\Diablo\UdieToo -> It needs to be Desktop\Diablo
  • Find Target: and add -direct -txt to the end of it (outside of the quotes)
  • Click Apply.
  • [of Shortcut Properties] ( Do not copy word for word your's may vary only modify the "Udietoo" part

Step 4:

  • Double Click the UdieToo - Shortcut and run it. (make sure you run the shortcut and not the original) (make sure it is run as admin)
  • A warning should pop up that says "Itemstatcost.txt Save Bits does not match Properties.txt Line 8 - ID 7 Bitsize 11"
  • [of Error]
  • Just click OK, it doesn't affect anything.
  • Your singleplayer characters should pop up.
  • [of UdieToo and D2 Single Player]

Note: Not everything will function perfectly however it is useful to get a sense of how things operate and plan around skill points and some item variations. After messing around with it for 15 minutes you will get the gist.

Note: If you want to use another hero editor to get your character to lvl 99, all wps, skills, etc it is a lot easier / faster than doing it with UdieToo

Note: It can be done on UdieToo, just kind of slow and stupid

Note: If you use another hero editor to edit skills and levels, you must do so before putting new items on your character, otherwise they will be deleted

Getting new items

  • Select Character.
  • Click OK

Crafting Supplies:

  • Once Character has been selected, you need to open the item store.
  • Click View -> Item Store
  • For Crafting / Runes etc you need to be under the Misc Tab.
  • Under Misc Tab there are 4 pages. (down goes up, up goes down)
  • Find whatever item you want, click it, drag to inventory.
  • [Tab Screenshot]
  • Crafting Thunder Maul
  • Get a Thunder Maul from item store.
  • Item Store -> Weapons -> Thunder Maul -> Put in inventory.
  • Make the thunder maul magic
  • Right Click Thunder Maul -> Edit Item -> Magic Prefixes
  • [Properties]
  • Drag any property to the thunder maul, does not matter.
  • Click the Checkmark.
  • [[1]]
  • Save character
  • File -> Save -> Yes
  • Go in game, craft your thunder maul
  • [Thunder Maul]


  • Making a Unique throws errors a lot, so I just "create" my unique's by rerolling a unique base with a chaos prism in game.
  • Note: Your character must be the same level or higher as the ilvl of the unique you want to roll
  • Making a stormspire.
  • Go to the item store -> Misc -> get a cube -> get chaos prism.
  • Go to the item store -> weapons -> find giant thresher -> put in inventory.
  • [Inventory]
  • Right Click the giant thresher -> Edit Item
  • Click on the second to last square to the right at the top that says "Unique Items"
  • [Item Tab]
  • Pick any item there, it does not matter, and drag it onto the giant thresher.
  • On the left: click the 2nd square that says "Delete Properties"
  • [Properties Button]
  • The giant thresher should be a unique but with zero properties.
  • [Property Unique]
  • Click the check mark
  • Save your character: File -> Save -> Yes
  • Open your character in game on single player
  • [giant thresher should look like this in game]
  • Cube it with your chaos prism
  • [[2]]


  • Easy, just go to item store -> sets


  • Do it in game.
  • Faith Bow
  • Item Store -> Weapons -> Blade Bow
  • Right Click Blade Bow -> Set Sockets (button next to delete properties) -> yes -> 4 -> OK
  • Set Sockets
  • [Checkmark]
  • Item Store -> Misc -> Find your runes
  • Inventory
  • File -> Save -> Yes
  • Go in game, put your runes in your bow.
  • Faith

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