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Patch notes history:


- Added a new item: [Lagarfljót's Lessons (Dragonplate)](http://imgur.com/gthWAdG.jpg). This can only drop from Uber bosses.

- Modified the Remnants of the Triune Set: [The Ebony Heart](http://imgur.com/W2hJulf.jpg), [The Wall of Flesh](http://imgur.com/RE28FUn.jpg), [The Burning Veil](http://imgur.com/C1Spn7m.jpg), [The Aberration](http://imgur.com/QMso1Nm.jpg).

- Changed some descriptors for item stats to make things more intuitive and distinguishable.

- Fixed a bug where Azi-azdahag (Ambusher Bow) could not drop.

- Fixed a bug where Unset Ring could spawn from certain Treasure Chests.

- Fixed some issues with Vengeance and Consecration pre-requisites.

- Fixed a bug where Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock auras granted by items were not correctly calculating base damage from the original Paladin auras (the result is is some 10-15% reduction in damage).

- Fixed a bug where Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock auras granted by items had a radius far too large. The original Paladin auras were changed some time ago to have a fixed area of effect, while the item aura versions were still using the old system where the tick radius increased based on the skill level.

- Fixed a bug where Holy Freeze/Shock auras granted by items were not being boosted correctly by synergies (the result is some 20-30% increase in damage for Paladins with maxed synergies).


  • Updated BH to 1.8.5 which should fix Uber crashes (thanks planqi).
  • Void Field can now affect Cold Immune enemies.
  • Added a new Unique item: The Formless One (Full Plate Mail)
  • .
  • Fixed a bug where Werewolf and Werebear were displaying Life % bonuses as if Lycanthropy was still a synergy.
  • Fixed a bug where Vengeance could have skill points put into and used before level 18.
  • Fixed a bug where Vengeance's projectile was doing 3640% base damage per second.


Patch notes appended with (x) are serverside-only and will not be pushed to players. Single player users are encouraged to wait for the next release patch.

  • Reduced the area of effect of Gore Fiend's triggered Corpse Explosion by 75%


  • Cascade's base damage modifier has been increased from 90% to 130%
  • Shockwave's base damage modifier has been increased from 120% to 140%
  • Increased the drop rate of non-reagant items in Incursion zones.
  • The length of chill and freeze on monsters in Hell has been reduced to 20% (it was previously 33%).
  • Improved, fixed some issues with or added new art for a variety of items
  • Updated BH_Default (thanks planqi)
  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Equilibrium wasn't working (this time it works).
  • Fixed a bug where Gibberfetishes were dropping Incursion reagants instead of amulets.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters in Incursion zones did not have proper immunities.
  • Fixed a bug where Gore Fiends were not corpse exploding nearby bodies when damaged.


  • Rotated Incursion zones and added three new reagants and one artifact for this week.
  • Added ten new augments to Ormus in Normal to help with the

levelling progress. These items require Flawed or Normal gems to use, but do not need a Catalyst or essences.

  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Equilibrium was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where Arrow and Bolt Quivers could not be used with Alchemist Stone.
  • Fixed a bug where Poisoned Arrow Quivers did not have a level requirement that scaled with their automagic property.



  • Modified the following Unique items:

Mang Song's Lesson

The Beast

The Beauty

Ethereal Edge

Gloom's Trap

Using a Chaos Prism on an existing item will add the new properties.

  • Added the new automods for certain base types that were meant to be introduced earlier as part of the attack/caster split.
  • Increased the drop rate of Artifacts (includes Incursion zones, Hell portals and The Secret Cow Level)
  • The Magic Find on Low Life bonus from Mirabella's Tragedy can now stack if you are wearing two of them
  • BH_Fancy is now the default BH configuration - the previous BH_Default has been renamed to BH_Basic.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an explot where items with conditional bonuses, effects

such as Elemental Adaption and Rainbow Facet elemental damage bonuses could be stacked indefinitely when the item was unequipped. A side-effect of this fix is that players may notice gaining minor unrelated bonuses when equipping items with conditional effects.

  • Fixed a bug where Oskadium's Cataclysm could not be catalyzed.
  • Fixed an issue where the following Unique items could not spawn

correctly from certain themed Treasure Chests: Quill Beast's Spines, Blood Raven's Flame, Baranar's Fury, Ijferga's Deceit, Unnatural Decomposition, Acid Rain, Baranar's Sorrow.


  • Verdungo's Hearty Cord (Mithril Coil), Asteron's Iron Ward

(Cadaceus), Rockstopper (Sallet) and Ironpelt (Trellised Armor) now have the 'Melee attacks grant Fortify on hit' property.

  • Added art for all the Incursion-only Uniques, Deathbloom (Apex Arrow Quiver), Azurewrath (Phase Blade).
  • Increased the range of Pestilence aura for players.
  • Increased the Poison resistance reduction of Pestilence aura for monsters.
  • Fixed some issues with Alchemist Stone art
  • Fixed a bug where Strongbox of Legends could give old Druid Elite set pieces
  • Fixed a bug where the following items could not be catalyzed: Edyrem Sentinel, Alchemist's Husk
  • Fixed a bug where using Alchemist Stones on axes would spawn the wrong base output
  • Updated the BH_Fancy.cfg (thanks planqi)


Skill changes

  • Paladin's Vengeance has been reworked. It now release a spiral of

energy that deals weapon damage (50% converted to magic) upon successful melee attack. This change means that effects that only trigger on melee attacks - such as Melee Splash, Fortify and 'on Attack' effects - will now work with Vengeance.

Item changes

  • The Grandfather (Collosus Blade) now has the "Melee attacks grant

Fortify on hit" property. Existing versions of the item can be rerolled via Chaos Prism to gain the new stat.

  • Windforce (Hydra Bow) now grants +15 Windburst damage per Dexterity (up from 10).
  • Horadric Condensers now display how much Essence they can hold.
  • Horadric Condensers for Sacred Essence and Greater Rune Dust now hold (5) and (25) respectively.

Misc changes

  • Changed the overlay for Fortify to make it more visible.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the radius of Pestilence aura was far too large.
  • Fixed a bug where the Windburst skill effect was calculating its damage based on the character's Energy instead of Dexterity.
  • (Hopefully) fixed an bug related to the Druid Cerebus' "Nearby allies have +100% Enhanced Damage" sub-class property.


    • Content**

- Increased the density of monsters in Incursion zones (particularly in spidery zones)

- Added Horadric Condensers to Halbu, [which](http://imgur.com/gTmYF2l.jpg) - [can](http://imgur.com/iyevKfE.jpg) - [store](http://imgur.com/2YNbu0v.jpg) - [5000 essence](http://imgur.com/ipnP02J.jpg) for all essence types (Lesser Rune, Greater Rune, Gem, Radiant, Sacred).

- Added the following Unique items (note that some are modified versions of Quivers that existed previously):

- [Thousand Needles](http://imgur.com/udVzQsC.jpg)

- [Champion's Aim](http://imgur.com/5B5sEuA.jpg)

- [Barbtooth](http://imgur.com/BF7f5Sq.jpg) - [Baranar's Fury](http://imgur.com/uSxoPg3.jpg) - [Baranar's Sorrow](http://imgur.com/hKWQAHI.jpg) - [Unnatural Decomposition](http://imgur.com/a7sfEj2.jpg) - [Acid Rain](http://imgur.com/ehexDVg.jpg) - [Blood Raven's Flame](http://imgur.com/P4lCBQ6.jpg) - [The Burdens of Truth](http://imgur.com/xn3ljqe.jpg) - [Aether Shards](http://imgur.com/Zu7F6kK.jpg) - [Deathbloom](http://imgur.com/N1O8f4K.jpg) - [Quill Beast's Spines](http://imgur.com/JE44ZMe.jpg) - [Boulderfletch](http://imgur.com/bQaE49Z.jpg) - [Trinkets of Horror](http://imgur.com/AS2QgAz.jpg) - [Gretza's Gluttony](http://imgur.com/DUcg21C.jpg) - [The Infiltrator](http://imgur.com/0w8xUZ3.jpg) - [Ijferga's Deceit](http://imgur.com/UWe4dEy.jpg)

    • Bug fixes**

- Fixed some bugs with certain Quiver types dropping too early

- Fixed a bug that caused non-valid combinations of items in the cube that contained a Chaos Prism to execute and generate an ilvl1 Rare Druid Staff


  • Fixed an exploit where Rare and Crafted items could be augmented multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where Alchemist Stones would output an ilvl99 item.
  • (Hopefully) fixed a bug related to Templar and Guardian sub-class auras.


  • Normal rarity new Quiver types can now be turned Magic via Blessed Crystal.
  • Standard Arrows and Bolts can now be turned into a Quiver via Blessed Crystal.
  • Fixed an issue where new Quiver types couldn't be crafted.
  • Temporarily disabled Quivers from being gambled.


  • All Rings now have new automagic affix ranges and properties.
  • Low ilvl Garnet and Opal rings now have +Life and Mana gained on

Hit respectively, instead of Life % and Mana % Replenished on Kill. After ilvl 35 and beyond, they will start to spawn with Life % and Mana % Replenished on Kill in addition to the new +Life and Mana gained on Hit automagic properties respectively.

  • Bone Rings now have added flat physical damage.
  • Silver Rings now have added flat Attack Rating.
  • Diamond Amulets now grant +(6-8) All Attributes (up from +(5-7)).
  • The Arrow Quiver and Crossbow Quiver item types have been split into eight different bases:
Type Automagic Balanced Arrow Quiver + Attack Rating
Barb-Point Arrow Quiver % Chance to Open Wounds
Poisoned Arrow Quiver Added Poison Damage
Enchanted Arrow Quiver Added Magic Damage
Apex Arrow Quiver -% Enemy Elemental Resistances
Blunt-Point Bolt Quiver % Chance of Crushing Blow
Serrated Bolt Quiver % Deadly Strike
Penetrating Bolt Quiver % Chance of Projectiles Piercing
  • Unique Quivers have been changed to a suitable base type.
  • Fixed a crash related to using augments that had a Quiver augment option.
  • Fixed a bug related where using a Chaos Prism on Atlassian Heart (Rose Jewel) would turn it magic.
  • Prevented upgraded Unique items from being rerolled via Chaos Prism
  • Inquisitor Crystals can now only be used on Normal or Magic rarity bases


  • Fixed a client crash when entering The Killing Fields, Cave of Horrors or any of the Pandemonium Event (Uber) zones.
  • Fixed a client crash whenever an item was attempted to be augmented with Bramblelock reagant.
  • Increased the drop rate of Incursion-only items.
  • Increased the density of monsters in Incursion zones.
  • Updated the default BH_Fancy.cfg to include new item bases (thanks planqi).
  • Changed the Alchemist Stone mechanics to have rarity outcomes be

base-specific. This means it is much more difficult to obtain a rare Unique such as The Unconquerable when alchemizing Collosus Girdles compared to, say, Nagelring when alchemizing Gold Rings.

  • You can now get Set items as an outcome of Alchemist Stones.
  • Jewels and Quivers can now be used with Alchemist Stone.
  • Reduced the skill level of Ossein Priest's Pestilence aura.



, Eclipse, Stargazer, Rotfang, Dryad's Dirge

  • Spine of Erevir (Obelisk) has been moved to the (Earth Pillar) base type
  • Added new Druid weapon types to Gambling
  • Added a new recipe to enchant Horadric Raiment with +(20-25) Magic and Elemental Damage Reduction using Dreamweave augmentor
  • Holy Fire, Holy Freeze and Holy Shock granted by items are now correctly boosted by % Increased Aura Effect properties
  • Act 2 Mercenaries that were using Vigor now correctly uses Vulnerability. Use the following table to calculate your Mercenary's aura level for Vulnerability:
Merc. Level Aura Level
9 1
24 2
39 3
54 4
69 5
84 6
99 7
  • Vulnerability Aura now reduces target Magic and Physical Resistances by (15 + 2*(SLVL-1))%
  • Vulnerability Aura no longer reduces target Defense
  • Pestilence aura now reduces target Poison Resistance by (15 + 2*(SLVL-1))%
  • Pestilence aura no longer reduces target Defense
  • Slightly reduced the radius of Pestilence
  • Pestilence aura is now affected by +% Increased Aura Effect
  • Pestilence now poisons nearby enemies. A poison is applied every second, with a duration of one second and deals damage per second equal to 50*SLVL.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Horadric Raiment and Cain's Stratagem augments were not working
  • Fixed a bug where Gems were not dropping from Nightmare onwards
  • Fixed a bug where exotic item bases were much more likely to spawn from Treasure Chests
  • Fixed a bug where Sparking Glyphs were displaying that they granted +1 Cold Skills instead of +1 Lightning Skills


New Stuff

  • Halbu in Hell now sells the following items: Horadric Alembic (Blessed), Horadric Alembic (Regal), Shaman's Stone. Alembics are not consumed in use.

Bug fixes

  • Act 2 Mercenaries that were meant to use Vulnerability aura now use Vigor aura
  • Fixed a bug where Jamella was selling a dummy Horadric Actuator
  • Fixed a bug where certain Orb bases were not restricted to Sorceress only
  • Fixed a bug where Runes were not dropping correctly
  • Fixed a bug where exotic item bases were much more likely to spawn from Treasure Chests
  • Fixed some missing crafting recipes for the new Incursion-only bases
  • Added a missing description for the week one artifact



  • Non-Ladder should now be functional.
  • Added the new Incursion ladder theme.
  • Added the ability to disenchant Set and Unique items into Radiant and Sacred Essence via the Horadric Catalyst.

Mechanics changes

  • The base block factors for each class have been drastically reduced
  • Items no longer have durability.
  • The Elemental Equilibrium effect has been changed to: Your passive elemental resistance penetration can break immunities.
  • Added a new mechanic: Fortify. This is a buff that lasts two

seconds and grants Physical Damage Reduction and Magic and Elemental Damage Reduction

Skill changes

  • Paladin's Holy Shield has had its Block bonus chance reduced.
  • Assassin's Weapon Block has had its Block chance reduced (though much less drastically than global block changes).
  • Druid's Strength synergy for Werewolf which granted extra one-hand damage has been removed
  • Druid's Lycanthropy no longer provides bonus % Life when

shapeshifted, it instead grants Faster Hit Recovery and Faster Block Rate

  • Druid's Feral Rage has had it's lifesteal bonus reduced
  • Druid's Feral Rage duration has been reduced to 4 seconds
  • Druid's Maul duration has been reduced to 4 seconds
  • Reduced the % Increased Defense bonus granted by any relevant skill

Gain skill changes

  • Diamond Skin now gives +20% Magic and Physical Resistance (down from 30%)
  • Empower now gives +5 All Skills (down from + 10)

Monster changes

  • Increased the Life values of monsters in Normal and Nightmare by 30-40%
  • Increased the base attack damage of monsters in Normal and Nightmare by 20-30%
  • Increased the base attack damage of monsters in Hell by 10-20%
  • Increased the skill damage of Act 1-4 monsters in Normal, Nightmare and Hell by 40-50% (this includes bosses)
  • Reduced the skill damage of some Act 5 monsters in Nightmare (notably Bone Novas and Blessed Hammers)
  • Increased the Attack Rating of monsters in Nightmare and Hell by 50%
  • Monsters in Nightmare and Hell now get +4 and +9 to skill levels respectively (increased from +3 and +7)

Item base and affix changes

  • Certain item types have been split into 'attack' and 'caster' bases,

to improve usability, crafting and customization. 'Attack' bases roll affixes beneficial for (eg. % Enhanced Damage and % Increased Attack Speed) whereas 'caster' bases roll affixes beneficial for characters that use spells (eg. % Faster Cast Rate and -% Enemy Resistance). These changes applies to wand, scepter, dagger, orb, druid club and staff bases

  • Added a variety of caster type weapon only magic affixes to improve their craftability.
  • Daggers can now spawn with Necromancer staffmods ('staffmods' are random +(1-3) Individual Class skills).
  • The following base types have new automods that can spawn

('automods' are additional item properties that spawn on Normal, Magic, Rare and Crafted rarities of the base type)

  • The Exceptional Druid attack type one hand mace has been renamed from "Spirit Cudgel" to "Wild Hammer"
  • The Elite Druid caster type two hand mace has been renamed from "Earth Pillar" to "Obelisk"
  • Added the following base types: Wild Staff, Savage Staff and

Earth Pillar (Druid attack type two handed maces), Moon Scepter, Spirit Cudgel and Incanter's Rod (Druid caster type one handed maces).

  • The base weapon speed of Druid attack type one hand maces has been increased to -20 (it was -30)
  • The base weapon speed of Druid caster type two handed maces bases

has been increased to +10 (it was -10). Base damage has been increased by 30%.

  • The base weapon speed of Grand Matron Bow has been increased to

+15 (it was +10). This also applies to the Basic and Exceptional variants of this base.

  • The base weapon speed of Matriarchal Bow has been reduced to -15

(it was -10). This also applies to the Basic and Exceptional variants of this base.

  • Staves no longer spawn with + individual Sorceress skills as a staffmod
  • Paladin Helms can now spawn with + individual Paladin skills as a staffmod
  • The +% Elemental Resistances automod for Paladin shields has been reduced
  • All Elite Body Armours now spawn with unique automods.
  • The base block factors for all shields have been reduced drastically.

Item changes

  • Removed the following items: Mysterious Crate (ch8), Empyrean Cache

(chj), Glyph of the Wolf (zaa), Glyph of the Snake (zae), Steel Glyph (zbe), Burly Glyph (zba), Sigil of Balance (zbz), Sigil of the Deer (zcl), Astral Dreams (Lacquered Plate).

  • Reduced the power of most Unique shields - the end result is that the same properties exist, just at lower values.
  • Reduced the chance to reanimate on all relevant items.
  • The following items now always spawn corrupted: Skeleton Dice (Bone Ring).
  • Druid's Destruction sub-class chance to cast Infernal Nova on kill has been lowered from 15% to 10%.
  • Added 42 new Unique items (two for each new Incursion class-specific item)

Crafting changes

  • Added a new item type: Horadric Actuator. Provided you have

enough Radiant or Sacred Essence, these can be combined with the Horadric Catalyst to obtain the listed item. These do not drop and can only be purchased from vendors.

  • Magic and Rare charm components no longer drop, you can instead

buy Actuators from Drognan in Act 2 Nightmare and Hell (higher tier components are sold in Hell only).

  • Condensed the majority of charm component groups into 1-2 tiers.
  • Blessed Crystal crafts now produce an output item whose ilvl is 90% of the input item (increased from 70%).
  • Added over 60 new augmentation items. These crafting reagents add

extra properties to Rare or Crafted items (items can only be augmented once). These items no longer drop from monsters, instead a 'Horadric Actuator' for each augmentor can be purchased from Anya in Act 5 Nightmare and Hell and Hratli in Act 3 Hell.

  • Most of the existing augmentation items have had their augmented stats changed.

Drop changes

  • Drastically reduced the amount of 'junk' dropped, including

removing Arrow/Bolt drops completely (Quivers and Crossbow Quivers will now always spawn instead)

  • Revamped the drop rates for Gems, Runes, Crystals and crafting

items. You will now find significantly more crafting type items and slightly less gems. Regal and Divine Crystals have had their rarity increased.

  • Perfect Gems can now drop from Act 1 Hell onwards.
  • Charms now drop from their respective bosses in Nightmare and Hell instead of Normal and Nightmare.
  • Treasure Chests can now drop globally in Hell - this excludes

Artisan's type chests, Cabalist's Treasures, Antique Treasury and Augurer's Chest, which are exclusive to The Killing Fields.

Miscellaneous changes

  • The 'x% Life stolen per hit' and 'x% Mana stolen per hit'

properties have been renamed to 'x% of Damage leeched as Life' and 'x% of Damage leeched as Mana'.

  • The "% Better Chance of Getting Magical Items" and "% Extra Gold

From Monsters" have been renamed to "+% Magic Find" and "+% Gold Find" respectively.

  • The 'Physical damage taken reduced by x" and "Magic damage taken

reduced by x" have been renamed to "+ Physical damage reduction" and "+ Magic and Elemental damage reduction" respectively.

  • Horadric Refiners are now sold by Halbu.
  • Drognan no longer sells potion or scrolls.
  • Anya no longer sells Throwing weapons, Arrows or Bolts
  • Vendors can no longer sell Claw type weapons
  • Antidote and Thawing potions no longer provide +% Maximum Resistance to their respective elements.
  • Act 2 Mercenaries that granted Blessed Aim aura now grant Vulnerability
  • Items with properties that trigger skills on kill will now specify whether this applies to only attacks or whether it is global

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Verge of the Edyrem only had 1% chance to deal splash damage
  • Fixed a bug where Starburst was not triggering on certain Unique items


  • Added the following Unique items:
The Lost Daughter (Exquisite Garb)
Naglfar (Ogre Maul)
Ragnarok (Mythical Sword)
Warped Timepiece (Diamond Amulet)
The Serpent's Shadow (Wire Fleece)
Ambe's Honor (Giant Skull)
Mirabella's Tragedy (Opal Ring)
  • Added the following new item related effects:
Elemental Adaption: Every 5 seconds, 33% to gain 100% Fire, Cold or Lightning Absorb for 5 seconds
Elemental Volatility: Every 5 seconds, 33% to gain 100% Increased Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage for 5 seconds
  • Added a Horadric Cube recipe for one of the new Unique items (this item can only be obtained through this recipe)

Skill changes
Sorceress changes

  • Increased the damage of Fire Ball and Ice Blast, particularly at high levels
  • Increased the high level damage of Immolate
  • The time it takes for Meteor to fall and deal damage has been halved
  • Greatly increased Meteor's fire damage over time and fixed a bug where synergies did not increase its damage
  • Swapped silly sounds from Molten Armour cast
  • Boreal Spirit can now be transformed out of while in form, it now has a duration of 12 seconds

Item changes

  • Visions From The Aether (Radiant Crest) and Monolith (Hallowed Aegis) have been changed to give their conditional bonuses when no corrupted items are equipped
  • Added art for the following items: Touch of Malevolence (Crusader Guantlets), Orek's Sarcophagus (Shadow Plate), Blackbeetle (Scarab Husk), Dreamer's Gait (Boneweave Boots), Steelrend (Ogre Gauntlets), Spirit Ward (Ward), The Pillar of Faith (Matriarchal Pike), Death's Fathom (Dimensional Shard), Amm's Eclipse (Demon Heart), Rebirth of Isidore (Scissors Suwayyah), Echoes of Evelle (War Fist), Stormshield (Monarch), Edyrem Odyssey (Lich Wand), Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash), Viperfork (Mancatcher), Death Cleaver (Berserker Axe), Crown of Ages (Corona), Void Barrier (Vortex Orb), Ursus Maji (Earth Spirit), Salamah's Syzygy (Dream Spirit)

Other changes

  • Barbarian's Titan sub-class now requires one of the following items as sacrifice: Stone Crusher (Seraph Rod), Verdungo's Hearty Cord (Mithril Coil), Doombringer (Champion Sword). Old recipes no longer work and there will be no refunds, Resurgence Industries apologies for any inconveniences.
  • Sorceress' Mage sub-class now requires one of the following items as sacrifice: Equilibrium (Silver Ring), Ormus' Robes (Dusk Shroud), Kira's Guardian (Tiara). Old recipes no longer work and there will be no refunds, Resurgence Industries apologies for any inconveniences.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Beast runeword was changing players into a Werewolf instead of Werebear
  • Fixed a bug where Uber bosses were not Curse Immune
  • Fixed a c0000005 Unhandled Exception crash for single player
  • Fixed a wide array of miscellaneous bugs from such as monster Frost Novas dealing no damage, Act 3 Mercenary Lightning skill dealing no damage and missing Missile sounds
  • Fixed a bug where Cain's Strategem had a carry limit
  • Fixed a bug where some recipes were still useable with Ethereal items
  • Fixed a bug where some Uniques could not be rerolled via Chaos Prism
  • Fixed numerous sound issues and sound related crashes (including Shenk crashes)
  • Fixed some bugs with Barbarian weapon proficiencies and masteries
  • Changed the description of Barbarian weapon masteries to indicate that non-critical bonuses are global (rather than weapon specific)
  • Fixed a bug with Cascade dealing no damage
  • Fixed some bugs with items that grant bonuses on Low/Full Life/Mana
  • Fixed a bug where the initial cost of Traps were too high
  • Changed the synergy descriptions for hybrid damage skills to not confuse casual players

Mechanics changes

  • Lightning/Cold/Fire Enchanted, Spectral Hit, Magic Resistant and Stone Skin Unique monsters no longer receive resistance bonuses. This means no monster should spawn immune to any damage type outside of mlvl 92 areas, though in some instances the client will still display the monster as immune (but it can be damaged).
  • The absorb % cap has been increased to 100%
  • Teleport-like skills are now restricted to line of sight

Skill changes
Sorceress changes
Cold Skill tree changes

  • Ice Bolt has been removed
  • Chilling Armor has been removed
  • Glacial Spike now deals a portion of its damage as Physical
  • Added the following skills: Aboreal Spirit, Cold Snap
  • Skill level requirements and damage progression of most skills has been modified

Lightning Skill tree changes

  • Teleport has been removed
  • Added a new skill: Cascade

Fire skill tree changes

  • Fire Bolt has been removed
  • Inferno has been removed
  • Meteor now deals a portion of its damage as Physical
  • Added the following skills: Molten Armor, Ignite Mana
  • Skill level requirements and damage progression of most skills has been modified

Barbarian changes
Combat Masteries tree changes

  • Individual weapon masteries have been removed and replaced with:One Hand Proficiency, Two Hand Proficiency, Projectile Proficiency, One Hand Mastery, Two Hand Mastery, Projectile Mastery
  • Increased Stamina and Increased Speed have been merged
  • Added a new skill: Iron Will (increases mana regeneration, reduces curse duration and magic damage taken)

Druid changes
Elemental Skill tree changes

  • Increased the high level damage for Fissure, Twister, Tornado, Volcano, Armageddon and Hurricane

Shapeshifting Skill tree changes

  • Increased the base life bonus for Werewolf and Werebear
  • Decreased the life bonus per level (and base) of Lycanthropy
  • Shock Wave base damage has been increased from 115% to 130%

Summoning Skill tree changes

  • Oak Sage no longer grants increased maximum life, it now gives flat life regeneration

Assassin changes
Trap Skill tree changes

  • Doubled the number of shots fired by all traps
  • Increased the mana cost of all traps
  • Decreased the low skill level damage of Wake of Fire
  • Increased the high skill level damage of Wake of Fire
  • Reduced the Wake of Fire synergy bonus

Martial Arts tree changes

  • Increased the damage of all parts of Arcane Strike

Amazon changes
Javelin and Spear tree changes

  • Ground Slam base damage has been increased from 80% to 110%

Nephalem's Valor changes
Mage sub-class

  • Maximum Elemental Resistances reduced from 4% to 3%
  • Increased Elemental Damage reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Elemental Pierce reduced from 15% to 10%

Clairvoyant sub-class changes

  • Increased mana regeneration has been removed

Diabolist sub-class

  • Vampiric Spirits now has a 2.5 second cooldown


  • Added the following Unique items
Samade's Thought (Charged Stone)
Samade's Promise (Charged Stone)
Samade's Vision (Charged Stone)
Samade's Revelation (Charged Stone)
Merman's Sprocket (Wyrmhide Boots)
Aspirations of the Tengu (Elder Staff)
  • The availability of elemental absorb % has been reduced
  • Runes Tal-Thul no longer provide Elemental Absorb in shields, they instead give Elemental Resistance. The values for Elemental Resistance bonuses when socketed in Helms or Armour has been reduced.
  • Mjolnir (Legendary Mallet) no longer requires 300 Energy for it's 'Lightning damage is doubled' property to take effect
  • Added new art and improved old art for some items, notably Sorceress Stones and Jewels

Other changes

  • Ormus now gives you a Rare Diamond Amulet upon completion of Blade of the Old Religion
  • Reduced the life and damage of monsters in Act 5 Nightmare to help smooth out difficulty progression
  • Increased the base damage of all Elite bows and crossbows by 25%
  • Fixed a bug where Eon Band (Gold Ring) and Hadriel's Will (Ancient Armor) were missing their Reduced Curse Duration property
  • Fixed a bug where Secrets of Solitude (Set bonus) and Spire of Honor (Lance) were not displaying their Life Regeneration properties
  • Fixed a bug where Auyver's Gift (Divine Scepter) was missing its % Increased Energy property
  • Fixed an issue where Sorceress Lightning skill damage that is converted to physical using Amm's Eclipse was not calculating correctly. Relevant skills will now also show converted damage on the tooltip.
  • The maximum slow by Sorceress' Void Field has been increased
  • Enemies affected by Void Field will now have a visual effect

Items with changes in the above notes will need to be rerolled via Chaos Prism.



Mechanics changes

  • Melee splash no longer triggers the global missile hit cooldown.
  • Changed how Aura Effect affects Paladin's Conviciton. The bonus is now applied after the skill level calculation flooring to the soft cap. This means that Aura Effect bonuses can boost the effectiveness of Conviction above the soft cap of -75% resistance pierce.
  • Modifiers to Minion Damage now increase added damage from sources such as Grim's Burning Dead for Necromancer's Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Archer.

Skill changes

  • Slightly increased the strength of Necromancer's Amplify Damage.
  • Increases to Necromancer Curse duration through Energy synergy and item modifiers now appear on the skill description.
  • The base damage of Barbarian's Whirlwind has been increased from 50% to 75%
  • The base damage of Amazon's Guided Arrow has been increased from 150% to 180%
  • The base damage of Paladin's Vengeance has been increased from 100% to 120%
  • The base damage of Druid's Shock Wave has been reduced from 130% to 120%

Item changes

  • Pit Lord's Effigy (Skull Cage) has been disabled

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Necromancer's Zombies weren't getting increased physical damage from Minion Damage modifiers
  • Fixed a bug where Curse Effect modifiers were not applying
  • Improved Necromancer's Skeleton Archer AI (thanks /u/saniraco for the input, first time I've tackled AI settings)
  • Fixed a missing string in Necromancer's Minion Mastery
  • Enabled Demonic Essence to drop



Skill changes

  • Necromancer's Minon Mastery now boosts minion damage
  • Necromancer's Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Archers and Zombies now have increased base damage in Nightmare and Hell
  • Necromancer Golems now gain health per skill level
  • Lowered the mana cost of Summon Skeleton Warrior and Summon Skeleton Archer
  • Necromancer Curses now gain 4 seconds duration per 100 Energy

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some issues with Unique items that previously granted Minion Health or Minion Damage
  • Sorceress' Nova now correctly has Void Field as a synergy
  • Sorceress' Void Field now displays skill range
  • Sorceress' Void Field now displays mana cost


  • Fixed a bug where plain Jewels were dropping and new Jewel bases weren't. Cube any existing blank Jewels twice to obtain one of the new types.
  • Fixed a display error where Sorceress' Teleport had a cooldown listed
  • Fixed issues with Necromancer minion health not calculating correctly


  • Fixed a big that meant Chronomalus (Diamond Amulet) was not dropping
  • Fixed an issue with Sorceress Teleport cooldown


  • Fixed a bug where Sorceress Enchant and Frigerate could be used on other players
  • Golem Heart (Lacquered Plate) has been renamed to Molten Shell
  • Added three new artifacts: Fragment of Dread, Fragment of Pain and Fragment of Wrath. These can only be found in Abbadon, The Infernal Pit and Pit of Acheron respectively (Hell only).
  • Added a new Unique item: The Ebony Heart (Obsidian Plate). This can only be obtained through a cube recipe using a Fragment of Dread, Fragment of Pain and Fragment of Wrath.
  • New item codes: re1, re2, re3, uu9



  • Fixed issues where Uber Uniques were not dropping due to ilvl. Those who have acquired Rare versions of new base types can upgrade to the Unique version using a Chaos Prism (this will not consume your Chaos Prism).
  • Reduced the number of items dropped by Uber bosses
  • Increased the boosted crafting drop rate of monsters in Act 5 red portals
  • Fixed some issues where new Uniques were not dropping
  • Fixed some issues with reduced cooldown stat




  • Nephalem's Valor charms have been introduced! These drop from Hell Baal and allow players to specialize their class. Click here to see what they look like and how it works.
  • The Pandemonium Event (Ubers) has been enabled! Faces new foes to earn the powerful Annihilus and Hellfire Torch charms. Blood Raven, The Summoner and Nihlathak are now guaranteed to drop a key when they are killed.
  • The monsters in act 5 red portals (Abbadon, Infernal Pit, Pit of Acheron) have been significantly reworked

Skill changes

  • Updated skill icons for Voltaic Hammer, Vortex Strike and Arcane Blast
  • Increased the base floor cooldown for Teleport to 0.52 seconds

Item changes

  • Added seven Unique items that can only drop from bosses in the red portals of the Pandemonium Event (uber red portals)
  • Added the following Unique items: Winter's Tendril (Stalagmite), Monolith (Hallowed Aegis), Visions From The Aether (Radiant Crest), Chronomalus (Diamond Amulet), Gifts From Above (Gold Ring), Hadriel's Will (Ancient Armour)
  • Added the following Runeword: Immortality (Eth Zod Pul Zod, 4 socket Body Armours)
  • Reworked the following Unique items: Eaglehorn (Crusader Bow), The Sultan* (Ataghan), Stone Crusher (Seraph Rod), Visceratuant (Defender), Silkweave (Mesh Boots)

Crafting changes

  • Demonic spirits have tinkered with everybody's Horadric Cubes, ethereal items once again cannot be used in it

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Dark Heralds in The Killing Fields were not casting Fist of the Heavens on striking

?renamed from Djinnslayer

Important new item codes: nva, nvb, nvc, nvd, nve, nvf, nvg, cx9, cx0, uu1, uu2, uu3, uu4, uu5, uu6, uu7, uu8


- Fixed a bug where Unset Rings were dropping

- Fixed a bug where some monsters were invisible (hopefully)


This patch will be released upon ladder reset this Friday August 26 at 20:00 EST.

These patch notes are currently incomplete and a work-in-progress.

Mechanics changes

- Uber Diablo/Diablo Clone now requires selling a Worldstone Fragment to spawn

Monster changes

- Unique monsters spawn with Vigor aura instead of Concentration

- Unique monsters can spawn with a new aura - 'Vulnerability' - which decreases affected units defense, magic resistance and physical resistance

Skill changes

- Fixed an issue where some skills were triggering cooldown timers when cast by item effects

- Cooldown timers for Hurricane and Armageddon have been removed

- Firestorm damage at low levels has been reduced by about 50%

- Wake of Fire synergy damage bonus has been reduced to 15% (from 20%)

- Wake of Fire damage at low levels has been reduced by about 30%

- Consecration damage has been reduced by about 25%

- Consecration now also deals physical damage

- Frost Nova damage has been increased by about 20%

- Frigerate cold damage bonus has been reduced greatly at lower levels

- Charged Bolt sentry now correctly benefits from +% Lightning Skill damage and -% Enemy Lightning Resistance

Item changes

- Added new Unique items: Cain's Wisdom (Silver Ring), Cain's Stratagem (Unset Ring), Astronox (Myrmidon Greaves)

- Added 21 new primary charm components, one for each "+1 individual skill tree"

- Worldstone Crystal (Small Charm) is no longer craftable

- All craftable charms are now Small Charms

- Ethereal Glyph magic resistance bonus has been reduced to (2-4)%

- Fixed an issue where the Flaring magic prefix could not spawn

- The rune magic bonuses for Amn have been changed ([new](http://i.imgur.com/i2nAvOb.jpg))

- Bleeding Sun (Small Crescent) has had the following properties modified:

            (180-220)% Enhanced Damage
            20% Chance to cast level 34 Fissure on Attack
            [old: (230-270)% Enhanced Damage] 
            [old: 50% Chance to cast level 40 Fissue on Attack]

- The Pillar of Faith (Matriarchal Pike) has had the following properties modified:

            3% Chance to cast level 44 Fist of the Heavens on Striking
            [old: 18% Chance to cast level 44 Fist of the Heavens on Striking]
            [old: 30% Deadly Strike]
            [old: Melee attacks deal splash damage]

- Wind (Runeword) has had the following properties modified:

            100% Chance to cast level 28 Tornado on Attack
            [old: 100% Chance to cast level 35 Tornado on Attack]

- The magic prefixes "Mechanic's, "Artisan's" and "Jeweler's" can no longer spawn on Rare or Crafted items

Drop changes

- Modified the drop system for charm componenets, players should see better progression and variety of components drop

- Tier 4 charm components are no longer global drops, specific components only drop from certain monsters/areas/bosses (excludes + skilltab components)

- Key of Hate, Key of Terror and Key of Destruction no longer drop from monsters

- Worldstone Fragment no longer drops from monsters

Crafting changes

- Uniques with multiple copies such as Dreamer's Gait (Boneweave Boots) can now be rerolled between types via Chaos Prism

- Using an Alchemist Stone or Demonic Essence on an item will now return an 'Activated' reagent instead of a copy of the original crafting material.

- Fixed a bug where Alchemist Stones were getting consumed on the first stage when used with Rings or Amulets

- Fixed a bug where Arcane Device augmentations were not working on Rare items

- Fixed some issues with Demonic Essence corruptions


The 'main' patch for this ladder will be released 2-3 weeks into the ladder. It will re-enable an overhauled Uber system plus give players the chance to obtain sub-classes (via level 85 requirement charms) for their characters.


  • Added damage mods on Unique items, Set items and Set bonuses and Runewords have been increased globally in accordance with increased base weapon damages
  • Disabled Marrowfeast (Mummified Trophy)
  • Fixed a bug where player Magic Resistance could exceed 100%
  • Fixed a bug where one variant of Chiramus (Gold Ring) had no name


Server will be down for 20-30 minutes while I do a backup. While I'm hoping for no issues with this patch, due to the fact that I had to recompile the listfile recently there may be some pivotal things missing that will screw things up although from my testing it looks all A-OK. Server may be restored to a previous state (i.e. now) if things go pear-shaped.

Skill changes

- Frigerate skill description has been updated

- Shiver Armor now has the correct level requirement of 12

- Shiver Armor base mana cost has been reduced

- Shiver Armor now costs an additional 1 mana per skill level Item changes

- Hellfire Torch (Large Charm) has had "Chance to cast Firestorm on Striking" removed

- Hellfire Torch (Large Charm) has had "Chance to gain Hellfire on Kill" added

- Lionheart (Runeword) has had +25 Strength, Dexterity and Vitality removed

- Lionheart (Runeword) has had +(500-750) Attack Rating and Cannot Be Frozen added

- Stone (Runeword) has had +25 Strength and Vitality removed

- Stone (Runeword) has had +60 Life and 4-6% Physical Resistance added

- Strength (Runeword) has had +10 Vitality removed

- Strength (Runeword) has had Enhanced Damage increased to (140-180)%

- Beast (Runeword) has had +(25-40) Strength removed

- Beast (Runeword) has had oskill bonuses to Werebear and Lycanthropy increased to (5-8)

- Loyalty (Runeword) has had (10-20)% Increased Strength removed

- Loyalty (Runeword) has had Lifesteal increased to (7-10)%

- White (Runeword) has had (5-10)% Increased Maximum Mana removed

- White (Runeword) has had +(20-40) Mana added

- Memory (Runeword) has had +20% Increased Maximum Mana removed

- Memory (Runeword) has had +(60-100) Mana added

- Heart of the Oak (Runeword) has had 15% Increased Maximum Mana removed

- Steel (Runeword) has had Added Damage increased to 20-40

- Authority (Runeword) has had Added Damage increased to 25-50

- Combat Skills (Barbarian) +1/2/3 can now spawn on Throwing Weapons

- Charm component drop and use sounds have been changed

- Items that provide single element pierce auras have had their overlay colours changed

- Rusthandle (Grand Scepter) now provides +(1-3) Zeal instead of Vengeance

Crafting changes

- Hellfire Torch (Large Charm) can now be rerolled via Chaos Prism (note this will change the + class skills)

- Annihilus (Small Charm) can now be rerolled via Chaos Prism

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug where the Ring augments for Maiden's Cairn and Exalted Prism were swapped

- Fixed a bug where splash damage on Woe (Runeword) was not working

- Fixed a bug where the life regeneration string on Goldstrike Arch (Gothic Bow) was not showing

- Fixed a bug where the mana replenished on kill on Echoes of Eternity (Shillelagh) was not showing

- Fixed a bug where Ankh of the Wraith was not dropping

- Fixed a bug where Ethereal Unique items could be made non-Ethereal via Chaos Prism


- Removed hit delay timer with global melee splash damage

- Fixed a bug where Voltaic Scarabs in Infernal Pit were missing their Holy Shock aura

- Soul Reavers in the Infernal Pit are now Physical and Magic immune instead of Fire, Lightning and Cold Immune

- Ice Hordes in Infernal Pit are now Cold and Poison immune instead of Physical and Magic Immune

- Ice Hordes in Infernal Pit now slow players on hit

- Fixed a bug where Overseers in Act 5 Nightmare and Hell had Conviction aura instead of Fanaticism

- Fixed a bug where most Unique items could not be rerolled via Chaos Prism


- Fixed an issue where using Heart of Ankara charm component wasn't displaying the life regeneration bonus

- Fixed an issue where Fanaticism was not gaining increased player damage with Aura Effect bonuses

- Increased the range of Poise and Rampage mercenary auras



- Renamed the new thorned armour types, they are now Thorned Hide, Spiked Leather and Barbed Carapace. Increased their required item drop level and reduced their level requirements to bring them in line with other armour types. Changed their drop, use and equip sounds as well as drop graphics to better suit.

- Added a new Unique item: [Thornflesh (Barbed Carapace)](http://i.imgur.com/qvkPDc1.jpg)

Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where Assassins could only have 1 trap out (fixed in serverside R1.0c)

- Fixed some issues with Paladin passive bonuses not applying correctly. Most Paladins will need a passive skill reset. Please contact a moderator in-game or via subreddit for a Token of Absolution.

- Fixed some issues with incorrect Paladin synergy and passive bonus displays

- Fixed some item art issues (notably violent pixels for Opal and Garnet rings)

- Fixed some missing charm component art issues

- Fixed issues with Stormeye (War Scepter) not providing the current + skill


The base weapon damage increase has been reduced to 40% (down from 100%)

This was an essential change to fix some damage rollover bugs that I didn't foresee. I do regret that this happened less than two hours before we go live.


These changes will go live on ladder reset, but will not be implemented in beta.


- Added the following Unique items: Mistress of Mirrors (Matriarch Bracers), Sinan's Farce (Gold Ring), Emperor of Nightmares (Troll Nest), Ursus Maji (Earth Spirit), Unstable Essence (Arcane Stone), Ingenuity (Fiend Boots), Auvyer's Gift (Divine Scepter)

- Added the following Runewords: Resurgence (Shael + Hel + Sol in any item type)

- Modified the following Unique items: Grim's Burning Dead (Grim Scythe)

- The following items with "x% Chance to cast Y on Striking" have been modified to "on Attack": Bleeding Sun (Small Crescent), Earth Shifter (Thunder Maul), La Mort Noire (Colossus Sword), Bonehew (Ogre Axe), Oath (Runeword)

- Removed the following Unique items: Spiritkeeper (Earth Spirit), Scosglen's Teaching (Feral Axe), Hide of the Reborn (Scarab Husk)

Item changes

- The base damage of all weapons, shields and boots has been doubled

- Fixed an issue where certain magic affixes gave an item level requirement too high

- Removed some lesser desirable affixes from spawning on Divine crafts

- Added new art for Horadric Vessels

- Socketing Magic items via Strange Cube has been disabled Skill changes

- Barbarian's Whirlwind base damage has been reduced from 80% to 50%

- Removed Freezing Arrow's Energy synergy due to it not working correctly

- Changed the mana cost for Wake of Fire and Wake of Inferno to be consistent with their new level requirements

- Elemental Weakness and Hex curses now trigger a sound when applied

Misc changes

- Fixed issues with certain shrine overlays

- All item types can now be Gambled

- Horadric Vessels are now sold at Larzuk in Nightmare and Hell only

- Horadric Catalyst, Extractors and associated items are now sold at Jamella and Halbu in Hell only

R 0.2f

Fixed a crash related to Amazon Dodge skill

R 0.2e

Item changes

- Added three new bases: Thorned Leather (basic), Spined Plate (exceptional), Barbed Carapace (elite)

- The base defense and automagic properties of Saintly Plate, Hallowed Aegis and Radiant Crest have been reduced

- Added three new augmentation reagants which augment Rings, Amulets and Quivers

- Added missing inventory art for Gargantua Skin

- Added inventory art for Sigils

- Crossbows now have Crushing Blow automods Crafting changes

- Improved current augmentation reagants

- Augmentation reagants used on Rare items now require a Divine Crystal as part of the recipe Skill changes

- Merged the Amazon Avoid skill into Evade, which now requires level 12

- Added a new Amazon Passive and Magic Skill: Iron Reflexes, which boosts defense and faster hit recovery

- Fixed a bug where Vengeance and Vortex Strike could be used when shapeshifted

- Elemental Weakness now lowers enemy Poison resistance

- Hex no longer lowers enemy Poison resistance

- Hex magic resistance pierce has been increased

- Maximum Slow Missiles duration has been increased to 10 seconds

- Firestorm damage at low levels has been reduced

- Magic resistance bonus for Amn in armour has been reduced to 10%

- Removed the passive bonus for Redemption

- Wake of Inferno and Wake of Fire have been swapped on the Assassin's Traps skill tree

- Reduced the low level damage of Wake of Inferno

- Increased the low level damage of Wake of Fire

- Cold Arrow, Fire Arrow and Magic Arrow no longer cost mana

- Slightly reduced the cost of other Amazon Bow and Crossbow skills

- Fixed an issue with Consecration skill icon displaying the incorrect art when applying points

R 0.2d

Skill changes

- Removed the Prayer synergy for Holy Bolt, Cleansing and Meditation

- Increased base healing for Holy Bolt

- Redemption passive bonus has been changed to life and mana steal

- Added new icons for Vengeance, Consecration, Defensive Aura Mastery and Offensive Aura Mastery

- Fixed a bug where Slow Missiles could only be applied for a maximum of 0.4 seconds

- Removed the delay from Teleport when it is triggered by items

- Multiple novas from Voltaic Hammer now damage enemies simultaneously

- Teleport cooldown now starts at 1 second which is reduced with skill level (minimum of 0.4 seconds)

- Base stun duration on Warcry has been reduced

- Synergy bonus for Warcry has been reduced

- Base damage of Warcry has been increased slightly

- Teleport now has no mana cost

Crafting changes

- Fixed an issue where Strange Cubes couldn't socket an item more than twice

Item changes

- Added inventory art for most charm components

- Necromancer skills can now spawn on Necromancer body armour

- Blackoak Shield (Luna): Lower Resist proc has been increased to 16%

- Frozen Flurry (War Dart): Enhanced Damage reduced to 100-140%, Attack Rating has been removed, 150-300 Cold Damage added, Mana Leech removed, +2 Mana gained on hit added

- Moonfall (Jagged Star): Meteor charges removed, Meteor proc changed to 10% chance of level 12 Consecration, Fire Damage removed, 25% Increased Attack Speed added

- The Dragon Chang (Spear): Minimum Damage changed to 10-20 Damage, Fire Damage removed, 100% Chance to cast level 4 Immolate added

- Valkyire Wing (Winged Helm): Now always rolls +2 Amazon skills, Mana gained on kill changed to Mana gained on hit

- Saracen's Chance (Topaz Amulet): Iron Maiden proc has been removed, 20% chance to gain 2 seconds of Good Fortune on kill added - Primal Scream (Rage Mask): + skills to Battle Cry and War Cry has been reduced to 1-2 - The Beauty (Wyrmhide): +% to mana has been changed to +750 Mana - The Beast (Hellforge Plate): +% to life has been changed to +750 Life - Ancient's Protector (Wyrmhide): +Life reduced to 60, Enhanced Defense reduced to 200%, Elemental Resistances removed, 10% All Resistances added - Steps of Desire (Mirrored Boots): Faster Run/Walk bonus per Dexterity has been doubled - Death (Runeword): Enhanced Damage has been modified to 300-340%, Deadly Strike per level has been reduced, Crushing Blow has been reduced to 15% - Glory (Runeword): -50% Lightning Resistance has been changed to -15% Maximum Lightning Resistance

R 0.2c

Will be ready in about 30 minutes from this post.

Skill changes

- Added two new Paladin skills: Defensive Aura Mastery and Offensive Aura Mastery

- Removed Paladin skills Blessed Aim and Prayer

- Added a Magic resistance passive bonus to Sanctuary

- Changed Redemption passive synergy to life and mana on hit

- Removed the Elemental Pierce passive bonus from Conviction

- Removed the Magic resistance passive bonus from Salvation

- "Aura Effect" bonuses from items and skills now correctly update the skill tooltip information

Item changes

- Added Magic and Rare item colour transforms for high tier magic affixes

R 0.2b

Update should be available now via launcher.

Item changes

- Removed + Sorceress skills from spawning on Wands

- Removed Elemental pierce from spawning on wands

- Added Poison pierce to spawn on wands

- Fixed some issues with incorrect magic affix strings

- Fixed an issue where Arcane Stones were not getting automagic affixes

- Fixed an issue where crafting crystals were the wrong colour

- Set bonus for Guardian of the Grove has been changed (gain skill is now Finesse instead of Exhaustion)

Skill changes

- Damage for skills that are triggered on Striking or Attack and when Struck has been changed. Their base damages are equivalent to the fully synergized version of the skill. Points into synergies apply at 10% effectiveness.

Misc changes

- Most Shrines have been removed from the game

- Fixed issues where certain Barbarian passive skills were being negated when an item with an aura was equipped

- Individual monsters no longer have leech penalties

- Leech effectiveness reduction against Act Bosses is now 50% globally

- Leech effectiveness reduction against Uber Bosses is now 90% globally

- Fixed a bug where in Hell Eldritch the Rectifier wasn't dropping his Unique charm

R 0.2

NOTE: These are a work in progress. Patch will be released sometime in the next 24 hours, a new thread will be made a few hours before it is available.

Major changes

- The entire magic affix system has been entirely overhauled for all items (except for Jewels which received a similar change recently). Rare and Crafted items should be relatively more powerful, with the majority of 'junk affixes' removed.

Crafting changes

- Crafts with Divine Crystals no longer require a fourth reagant

- Augmentation reagants can now be used on any Rare or Crafted item

- Four Leaf Clover crafting reagant has been removed from the game

- Ethereal Essence crafting reagant has been removed from the game

- Demonic Essence corruptions can no longer produce sockets on an item

- You can now corrupt socketed items (including Runewords)

Item changes

- Claws should drop slightly less frequently compared to other weapons

- All thrown weapons and quivers now have implicit quantity replenishment

- Fixed an incorrect string display with Cage of Torment (Exoskeleton)

- Fixed an error where Glyph of the Mammoth was not giving the correct life bonus

- Fixed an error where Glyph of the Drake was not giving the correct mana bonus

Skill changes

- Sorceresses' Teleport now has a 1 second cooldown

- Paladin's Vengeance has been reworked completely

- The duration per level of Druid's Firestorm has been reduced

- The range of missiles (arrows, bolts, thrown weapons) has been increased

- Holy Bolt now has a synergy with Consecration instead of Blessed Hammer

- Blessed Hammer now only has a synergy with Consecration instead of Vigor and Blessed Aim

- Blessed Hammer base damage has been increased greatly

- Mana cost of Fist of the Heavens has been reduced

Drop changes

- Crafting items no longer drop in Act 1 Normal

- Slightly lowered the drop rate of Charm Components

- Coldcrow, Ancient Kaa and Witchdoctor Endugu now only have extra crafting drops in Nightmare and Hell

- Reduced the crafting drop rates of Coldcrow, Ancient Kaa and Witchdoctor Endugu in accordance with crystal shards being removed

- Act bosses always drop their quest drop table

- Charms are no longer sold from vendors, they now drop from specific Superunique monsters (Fire Eye, Bremm Sparkfist and Eldritch the Rectifier)

- Drop rate for Pandemonium Keys has been increased

Misc changes

- All increases to experience gained from killing monsters has been reverted

- Fixed some missing item art issues

- Larzuk now sells Rune extractors instead of Halbu

- Halbu now sells Vessels instead of Larzuk

R 0.1e

- Fist of the Heavens now has correct skill prerequisites

- Large Charms besides the Hellfire Torch are now flipped

R 0.1d

- Halbu now sells Horadric Refiners

- Consecration can now be used on left-click

- Fixed issues where CtC/CtG charm components were not being applied

- Fixed an issue where Life Regeneration % was not being displayed on charms (the property is still present)

R 0.1c

Patch will be going live in 2-3 hours from this post, expect to see the new launcher also be released.

Skill changes

- Added a new Paladin Combat Skill: Consecration (replaces Conversion)

- The Paladin Combat Skill tree has had a bit of a shift around

- Vortex Strike no longer needs the initial attack to hit for the the vortex to deal damage

- Ground Slam no longer needs to target an enemy to deal damage

- Ground Slam now gains increased area of effect per level instead of Crushing Blow Crafting changes

- Added Greater Rune essence capability to the Horadric Catalyst

- Added Horadric Refiners for converting between Lesser and Greater rune essences

- Added Horadric Extractors for higher tier runes

- Horadric Catalyst is now sold by Jamella

- Horadric Extractors for Gems are now all sold by Jamella, with quality based on difficulty

- Horadric Extractors for Runes sold by Larzuk are now based on difficulty

- Horadric Extractors are no longer consumed on use - Life gained on kill charm components now add the item property correctly

Drop changes

- Fixed a plethora of treasure class issues that prevented most medium-to-high-tier charm components from dropping at all

R 0.1b

- Fixed item art not displaying for certain Unique Amazon gloves

- Cubing any health potion and mana potion together will give you a Token of Absolution (Beta only)

- Fixed some issues where item properties with elemental damage bonuses were still displaying poison damage separately

- Horadric Vessels are now purchasable from Larzuk

- Charms now sell to vendors for 1 gold

R 0.1

New features

- Completely revamped the charm system: Instead of charms dropping, you will now find 'charm components' which you can craft onto 'blank' charms that are sold at vendors (there are a total of seven unique charms sold that can be crafted with). These components give either Primary, Secondary or Tertiary stats to a charm provided there is a slot of that type free - the unique charms each have different slot layouts (eg. the first charm you will purchase has one Primary stat slot and one Secondary stat slot free),

- Added Horadric Vessels, which are containers for crafting materials (such as Blessed Crystals and Perfect Gems) that are sold at vendors.

- Added the Horadric Catalyst and Horadric Extractors which turn Gems and Runes into essence that can be used to create Gems and Runes at your leisure instead of having to handle multiple mules full of all types of different gems.

- Added the following new item properties: Life Gained on Hit, Mana Gained on Hit

Drop changes

- The NoDrop chance has been reduced globally by 40%

- Shards (Blessed/Regal/Divine) no longer drop

- Increased the drop rate of Alchemist's Stone and Demonic Essence by 50%

Mechanics changes

- Elemental damage now includes Poison damage

- The 'All Resistances' property now includes Magic and Physical Resistance

Vendor changes

- Maximum sell price has been increased to 50,000 globally

Crafting changes

- All rune upgrade recipes now only require two of the lower rune

- The 'secret recipes' from previous ladder have been disabled

Skill changes

- The following Paladin Auras now have passive bonuses: Might, Prayer, Thorns, Defiance, Concentration, Vigor, Meditation, Conviction, Redemption, Salvation

- Battle Orders starting bonus Life, Mana and Stamina % has been reduced from 25 to 15

- Battle Orders bonus Life, Mana and Stamina % per level has been reduced from 1 to 0.5

Class changes

- The Life per Vitality for Druids has been reduced from 2.75 to 2.5

- The Life per Vitality for Barbarians has been reduced from 3.75 to 3.25

- The Life per Level for Barbarians has been reduced from 13.5 to 12.5