Diablo2Resurgence Wikia
Area Cave of Horrors
Monster Level 92-98
Location Underground Passage, reachable from Stony Fields/Dark Woods WP
General Information

Cave of Horrors is a very long and narrow area filled with some of the most dangerous creatures in the game.

There are several bosses throughout the cave and 5 clustered together at the very end, making this a decent

place to farm if you can effectively. Though what really makes this cave appealing is its inclusion of unique items that are exclusive to the Lich Bosses and the final boss, Mendeln.

Notable monster information and gear recommendations *Needs Update*

One of the more notable threats in CoH are the Harvesters, they cast a ball in a straight line that leaves a trail of deadly poison, so it is highly advisable to have high poison resistance coupled with life regen and poison length reduction if possible. Bone imps are small, rather weak enemies that aren't much of a threat at first, however upon death they leave a delayed magic meteor at their killers spot that can do significant damage, I wouldn't recommend relying on high magic resistance to tank these (although it would help), just watch out for the marks on the ground and move out of the way. Reanimated Ooze are enemies that shoot projectiles that can do a dangerous amount of physical damage and knockback, potentially stopping you in your tracks, leaving you vulnerable to other shots, physical resistance here can be a blessing.


There are two main ways to deal with Cave of Horrors. The first is just running through, dealing with monsters as they come. The second is running past basic monsters and just stopping to kill the bosses. The second way can be very dangerous as you might assume, so make sure you're geared up before hand.

Regardless of however you run, the first boss you will come across is the Stone Guardian. It is very resistant to cold, and casts a damaging nova when it strikes, though it is easily defeated regardless. Second boss is Flesh Guardian. This boss has decent regen, as well as life leach when it strikes, however like the first this boss is also easily defeated. You will then come across a split path, taking the upper path leads you to Myrk. This boss is a bit different than the rest, it does decent physical damage, but the big thing you need to watch out for is its corpse explosion, which can be very dangerous. Continuing along the main path will take you to the next boss, Steel Guardian. Steel Guardian is immune to physical damage, and also has the most health out of the guardians. Assuming you're not pure physical, it still shouldn't take too long to kill and move on. The final guardian is that of Flame. This one is the most dangerous of the four, as it has a very rapid fire aura that can drain your health really fast. It also explodes upon death, dealing rather significant damage. After the Guardians are dead, you will then enter a Cathedral looking area. At the very end you will come across a whopping 5 bosses, 4 of which are are Guardians you had encountered before. Try to deal with them separately if you can, as the final boss can be quite dangerous. Once you move on to Mendeln, be careful as he has spells that do very high damage, along with his large health pool. If you manage to defeat him, he is guaranteed to drop a unique incursion item, along with any normal drops.