Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

Welcome to the Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction mod, Diablo 2: Resurgence. With Resurgence, we aim to create what is essentially a second expansion to the classic game, Diablo 2. In that sense, we do our best to update the game while keeping it familiar enough to those who have been playing for years. With every patch we tweak skill balance, item stat balance, and zone balance. As we strive to keep the feel of Diablo 2, most veteran players should have no problem diving into the Mod.

We have expanded upon the game by tweaking hell monster levels. By the end of Act 4 all monsters are level 85 (uniques level 88). All of Act 5 is level 88 (uniques level 91). Act 5 NM and Hell both feature new monsters with new abilities, as such these zones will be much more dangerous than they are normally, so tread lightly and don't be afraid to ask for advice in game and on Discord.

Going further, there are a number of zones in Hell which have monster levels of 92 (uniques level 95). These are what are considered our endgame zones. This means you don't need to farm baal endlessly if you wish to work to reach level 99 on your characters. All three of the portals scattered in Act 5 are level 92, the pandemonium event Uber portals are all 92, The Cow Level, and two dedicated zones, The Killing Fields, and The Cave of Horrors, are all endgame farming options for both experience and loot. But be aware, these will contain the hardest hitting and most resilient monsters.

One of the biggest changes however, is in regards to items. Uniques are now able to be upgraded via Lesser Diviner Orbs, and Greater Diviner Orbs. This means that the normal and exceptional grade items you find, can be upgraded to the elite level where they will gain more, and better stats than their lower counterparts. So now the Biggin's Bonnet that you found at Hell Diablo, is no longer completely useless to you. To see some examples of all of the items, please head on over to The Armory in order to check out: Uniques, Sets, Runewords, and more!

While the armory exists to provide stats and organize all of the items in game for viewing, this wiki exists to provide more in-depth descriptions of various changes throughout the Mod. So feel free to browse as you delve into the game.