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Normal monster types require -55 in order to break their immunities (110 Res).

In order for your Act 3 Merc to break immunities it requires an Aura level of 21 (Level 10 Aura at Merc Level 79, Level 11 Aura at Merc Level 87, Level 12 Aura at Merc Level 95).

Infinity has a Conviction level of 12 which is -42 (20 + 2 Per Level). So in order to break immunities with an infinity you would need an additional -13 FR/CR/LR/PR and it must come from either an Aura or a Curse (-Res in gear won't break immunities)

+Skills will not work with infinity but will work with his innate Auras/Skills.

Flammability/Frostbite/Conductivity will take and additional -23 Res off a monster and can be used w/ Infinity to break immunities (Keep in mind that Aura/Curses stack together so if you're breaking an immunity it only works at 1/5 effectiveness even if you can break it with just an Act 3 Merc's Aura or a Paladin's Conviction Aura). So in order to deal a decent amount of damage after breaking an immunity you will need -Res on Gear.

Frozen fortune is an Aura that has -15 Cold Pierce and will stack with Infinity to allow you to break Cold Immunities (-42 + -15 = -57)

Here's my Act 3 Merc's Current Setup for my Assassin (Lv. 95):

  • +3 Blade of Ammuit
  • +3 Delirium
  • +3 Arkaine's
  • StormShield

At 95 he has a base Aura level of 12 and gets +9 from his Gear allowing him to break immunities.

If you can manage to get your hands on a +4-5 Blade of Ammuit you can hit the required Aura Level of 21 at lower levels (Lv. 79/87) and still allow him to use an SS for survivability (There may be better combinations for Survivability i just didn't really look too much into it)

Credits: LivEisJeebus