Diablo2Resurgence Wikia

Life Crystal[]

The first, and most common, is the only crystal that adds a flat stat boost to an amulet or belt. Notably, it is also the only crystal that produces an iLvl 99 item when used for crafting. When combined in the Horadric Cube with an incursion base item, it produces a belt or amulet with one of the four:

  • +40 Strength
  • +40 Dexterity
  • +40 Vitality
  • +40 Energy

Birth Crystals[]

Birth Crystals are the first of two aura type crystals. When used for crafting, these produce a belt or amulet grant a defensive aura when equipped. Meaning that you do not need to dedicate a skill slot to the aura as it will be activated at all times while you wear the piece of equipment. The level of each aura is preset so anything you craft cannot be better or worse. However, as with all items that have an aura when equipped, multiple pieces of gear with the same aura will produce one aura with a level equal to the sum of all pieces. The possible outcomes for Birth Crysals are as follows:

  • Defiance lvl 2
  • Resist Cold lvl ??
  • Resist Fire lvl 6
  • Resist Lightning lvl ??
  • Cleansing lvl 15
  • Vigor lvl 5
  • Meditation lvl 12
  • Redemption lvl ??
  • Salvation lvl 4

Death Crystals[]

Death Crystals are the counterpart to Birth Crystals; these produce a similar result, but for offensive auras rather than defensive. The possible outcomes for Death Crystals are as follows:

  • Might lvl 8
  • Holy Fire lvl 11
  • Holy Freeze lvl 19
  • Holy Shock lvl 11
  • Thorns lvl 30
  • Concentration lvl 6
  • Sanctuary lvl ??
  • Fanaticism lvl 3
  • Conviction lvl 1