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Augmentations are items that can be transmuted in a Horadric Cube with a Magic, Rare or Crafted piece of equipment, to provide a permanent enchantment to it.

Types of Augmentations[]

There are two distinct types of augmentations that can be found in Resurgence:


To apply those augmentations, only the transmutation of the augmentation and a piece of equipment in a Horadric Cube is necessary.
Those augmentations can be found from:

Act 3 Vendor Ormus[]

  • Cannot be applied to Exceptional or Elite equipment
  • Easiest to obtain
  • Main purpose is to help with the early-to-mid leveling process
  • The only augments in the game that can be applied to Magic equipment
  • Require a gem of a certain quality
  • The gem type itself is irrelevant
  • Cost a hefty sum to buy in the early game

Act 1 Killing Field Demibosses[]

Located on the second level of Cave in Black Marsh, the Killing Fields are a home to a variety of a deadly creatures and endgame challenges. The demibosses are situated in a various locations in the Killing Fields and drop a random augment upon their defeat.


To apply those augmentations, one has to actuate them first. To actuate them, the transmutation of a non-actuated augment and a Horadric Catalyst with enough Radiant Essence is required. After actuating, those augmentations work exactly like non-actuable.
Those augmentations can be found from:
  • Nightmare+ Act 5 Vendor Anya
Note that only Hell Anya sells a full list of actuable augmentations. Nightmare Anya only sells a small number of those.


Augmentations adhere to a list of rules:
  • Augmentations do not affect item level requirements
  • Augmentations CANNOT be removed
  • A piece of equipment can only be augmented ONCE

List of Augmentations[]

Patch 1.6 List:



Augmentation Base Equipment Additional Item Enchantment
Rune of Remedy Magic or Rare Helmet Flawed Gem
Poison length reduced by 50%
Rune of Health Magic or Rare Body Armor Normal Gem
+40 to Life
Rune of Cleaving Magic or Rare Weapon Normal Gem
Melee Attacks Deal Splash Damage
Rune of Haste Magic or Rare Boots Flawed Gem
+15% Faster Run/Walk
Rune of Negation Magic or Rare Shield Normal Gem
Physical damage taken reduced by 10
Rune of Warding Magic or Rare Shield Normal Gem
Magical and Elemental damage taken reduced by 15
Rune of Rejuvenation Magic or Rare Belt Flawed Gem
+3 to Mana after each kill
+3 to Life after each kill
Rune of Thawing Magic Ring Flawed Gem
Cannot Be Frozen
Rune of Osmosis Magic Amulet Flawed Gem
5% of Mana Replenished on Kill
Rune of Brilliance Magic or Rare Weapon Normal Gem
+30% Faster Cast Rate

Killing Fields Demibosses[]

Augmentation Base Equipment Enchantment
Shaman Tooth Rare or Crafted Gloves
-5% to Enemy Magic Resistance
Shaman Trophy Rare or Crafted Helm
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Shaman Orb Rare or Crafted Body Armor
+2 to Magic Skills
Dread Crow[]
Augmentation Base Equipment Enchantment
Marrow Oil Rare or Crafted Quiver
Tomb Dust Rare or Crafted Missile Weapon
-10% to Enemy Physical Resistance
Jewel of the Grave Rare or Crafted Amulet
-10% to Enemy Fire Resistance
Augmentation Base Equipment Enchantment
Barghest Claw Rare or Crafted Ring
+5% Faster Attack Speed
Barghest Fang Rare or Crafted Dagger
40% Increased Fire Damage
Barghest Skull Rare or Crafted Helm
20% Chance of Crushing Blow
Augmentation Base Equipment Enchantment
Freezing Oil Rare or Crafted Sword
6% Chance to cast level 24 Frostbite on Striking
Chilled Hide Rare or Crafted Boots
+3% to Maximum Cold Resistance
Frostheart Rare or Crafted Body Armor
30% Increased Cold Damage
The Ancient One[]
Augmentation Base Equipment Enchantment
Fraxina Rare or Crafted Polearm
8% Chance to cast level 15 Ignite Mana on Striking
Lifesprig Rare or Crafted Belt
1% Life Regenerated Per Second
Eternal Oak Rare of Crafted Shield
20% Physical Resistance



Augmentation Base Equipment Radiant Essence Cost Enchantment
Scintillating Orb Rare or Crafted Helm, Belt, Body Armor 155

Augmentation Bonuses for: Helm/Belt
+15% Elemental Resistances
Augmentation Bonuses for: Body Armor
+30% Elemental Resistances

Ethereal Essence Rare or Crafted Body Armor, Amulet 320

Augmentation Bonuses for: Body Armor
Magic Absorb 10%
Augmentation Bonuses for: Amulet
+5% Magic Resistance

Phantasm Rare or Crafted Orb, Ring 350

Augmentation Bonuses for: Orb
5% of Mana Replenished on Kill
Augmentation Bonuses for: Ring
-3% to Enemy Magic Resistance

Moser's Plume Rare or Crafted Paladin Helm, Ruby Amulet 435

Augmentation Bonuses for: Paladin Helm
20% Increased Effect of Auras
Augmentation Bonuses for: Ruby Amulet
Adds 150-300 Fire Damage

Mysterious Concoction Rare or Crafted Gloves, Gold Ring, Silver Ring 220

Augmentation Bonuses for: Gloves
2% Mana Leech
Augmentation Bonuses for: Gold Ring/Silver Ring
+5 Mana gained on hit

Bubbling Concoction Rare or Crafted Gloves, Gold Ring, Silver Ring 220

Augmentation Bonuses for: Gloves
2% Life Leech
Augmentation Bonuses for: Gold Ring/Silver Ring
+10 Mana gained on hit

Hollowed Ore Rare or Crafted Weapon, Druid Helmet 610

Augmentation Bonuses for: Weapon
Melee Attacks deal Splash Damage
Augmentation Bonuses for: Druid Helmet
+5% Physical Resistance

glacial essence helm / scepter 530 cannot be frozen / 10% chanse to gain 4 seconds of cold immunity on attack
shadow essence claw / opal or garnet ring 280 6% reanimate as: shadow stalker / 20% faster hit recovery
succubus tongue quiver / bone ring 280 -25% reduced skill cooldown / +40 dexterity
watcher venom gloves / throwing weapon 665 +1 to poison skills / prevent monster heal
martyr's cross paladin helm / boots 400 -30% target defence / 25% chanse to open wounds
conjurer's will helm / boots 240 -10% reduced skill cooldown / 20% magic find
dreamweave body armour / boots 295 10% chanse to gain 4 seconds of finesse when struck / +8 magic and elemental damage reduction
razorfletch body armour / crossbow 410 15% projectile pierce chanse / 20% chanse of crushing blow
ghoul tongue quiver / topaz amulet 380 3% damage leeched as mana / 3% of mana replenished on kill
lamprey tongue quiver / topaz amulet 380 3% damage leeched as life / 3% of life replenished on kill
quicksilver quiver / shields 140 10% increased attack speed / 15% faster block rate
radiating concotion weapon / gloves 740 15% increased elemental damage / -5% enemy elemental resistances
firebloom orb or wand / belt 595 20% fire absorb / 10% increased fire damage
shattered sunstone body armour / belt 6620 +5% maximum fire resistance / 8% chanse to gain 4 seconds of hellfire on kill
exalted prism gloves 805 10% Chance to cast Level 3 Hex on Attack
Maiden's Cairn gloves 805 10% Chance to cast Level 3 Elemental Weakness on Attack
Nelumbium gloves 805 10% Chance to cast Level 3 Amplify Damage on Attack
succubus fang gloves / boots 690 15% projectile pierce chanse / 15% faster run walk
enriched glass bow / gloves 1830 adds 1-800 lightning damage / 10% lightning absorb
westmarch granite paladin shield / bone ring 945 -10% enemy physical resistance / +40 to strength
arreatian ash barbarian helm / two handed axe 1210 +3% maximum fire resistance / adds 500-800 cold damage
emerald tear jade amulet / dagger 860 -10% enemy poison resistance / 6% chanse to cast lvl 28 poison nova on kill
gargantua heart weapon 500 melee attacks grant fortify on hit
acsiove quiver / shield 715 20% increased attack speed / 25% faster block rate
bramblelock weapon / ring 1340 15% chanse of crushing blow / +3% physical resistance
everice shield / saphire amulet 1525 cannot be frozen / +3% maximum cold resistance
black crystal weapon / boots 2800 attacks ignore monster defence / +5% physical resistance
marigot's cradle boots / shield 1530 6% chanse to gain 4 seconds of grace on kill / 5% chanse to block
evergold belt / diamond amulet 1110 50% chanse of uninterruptible attack / +800 to attack rating
occultist's scroll body armour / shield 2510 50% reduced duration of curses on you / 10% magic absorb
widow's dawn gold or silver ring / belt 1460 +40 to vitality / 12% chanse to gain 4 seconds of diamond skin when struck
arcane device body armour / staff 4180 +1 to all skills / 30% increased elemental damage
tomb viper extract spear / necromancer shield 1760 -30% to enemy poison resistance / +4% maximum poison resistance
chieftain's totem barbarian helment / garnet ring 1055 15% increased effect of warcries / +250 to attack rating
chimera talon gloves / druid helmet 1320 3% chanse to gain 8 seconds of finesse on kill / 20% faster cast rate
first frost belt / assasin boots 3610 +1 to cold skills / cannot be frozen
ethereal brand paladin shield / saphire amulet 4730 -10% enemy magic resistance / +2 to magic skills
oakshale shield / jade amulet 590 +15 to physical damage reduction / +40 life
undertaker's ire necromancer body armour / bone ring 1890 40% increased minion damage / 15% increased minion damage
thundergod's fury body armour / shield 8400 +5% to maximum lightning resistance / +2 to lightning skills
bitterweed amazon weapon / amazon gloves 745 6% chanse to gain 4 seconds of haste on kill / 10% increased attackspeed
grey star weapon / body armour 2000 100% enhanced damage / 100% enhanced defence
moonmother's fury flail weapon / helm 3180 -10% enemy physical resistance / 50% faster hit recovery
alyarev gold ring 5555 +1 all skills
knight's resolve one handed sword / boots 655 4% of life replenished on kill / 1% life regenerated per second
briliant scales shield / amazon gloves 4760 +4% maximum cold resistance / +2% maximum elemental resistances
dead reckoning opal ring / necromancer shield 900 15% increased effect of curses / adds 100-200 damage
ice maiden's embrace mace / necromancer body armour 1140 -15% enemy cold resistance / 20% cold absorb
stoneheart shield / silver ring 810 8% chanse to gain 4 seconds of aegis when struck / +300 defence
wizard's bauble body armour / sorceress ring 770 25% faster cast rate / 10% faster cast rate
resonant gyre weapon / topaz amulet 890 20% increased attack speed / 15% chanse to cast lvl 30 nova when struck
vibrant soul assasin boots / sorceress ring 1140 adds 150-300 magic damage / +50 energy
arvaadian wool heavy armour / belt 1360 10% physical resistance / 30% faster block rate
vibranium polearms / druid weapons 1810 stuns target +15 / slows target 25%
the nexus diamond amulet 25000 +1 oskill (radnom)
embers of hell barbarian weapon / ruby amulet 4450 -25% enemy fire resistance / 6% chanse to cast lvl 44 meteor on kill